With your church app, it’s very quick and easy to send reminders, notifications, blog posts and more with your church app. Here’s a quick spotlight on Mount Nelson Baptist Church, one of our Sharefaith members, who are doing just that and are nailing it with their new church app.




Launch Image
Mount Nelson Baptist Church starts with a beautiful image on the apps welcome screen that prominently shows their logo and church name. This immediately draws the user into the app with quality professionalism.





mount-nelson-appPush Notifications
Just this past week, MNBC sent out this push notification to all of their app congregants. The message reminds everyone of the church’s upcoming Easter Egg Hunt with food and snack being served afterwards. Push notifications are the perfect way to stay in touch with your church during the week with simple and quick messages.


Full, Image-Rich Blog Posts
The pastors at MNBC consistently post on a weekly basis a devotional blog that they push on their app. The devotionals encourage the church and is another way that MNBC stays in touch with their church during the week, but on an even deeper level than push notifications.




Quick Informative Events
MNBC also creates image-rich events that give insight to ways to be involved with the church including Easter egg hunts, parent-night invitations, service time announcements and more.



You can get your very own church app, just like Mount Nelson Baptist Church. They are able to stay much more in touch with their congregation during the week than most churches. Signup today for only $49/m billed annually with Sharefaith Complete. Learn more >

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