Worship Leader Magazine Recognizes Sharefaith in Five Categories

(Medford, OR) November 3, 2014 — For the sixth year running, Sharefaith has received the most prestigious “Best of” Award from Worship Leader Magazine. Each year, Worship Leader Magazine publishes an issue dedicated to informing churches about the most valuable resources available today.


According to Worship Leader Magazine, the annual issue is “filled with editorial picks for the best of worship resources.” There are five categories — Enriching, Digital, Practical, Tech, and Musical. Of these five broad categories, Sharefaith received awards for “Visual Resourcing,” “Web Development,” “Kids’ Resources,” “Presentation Software,” and “Blogs.”


The 2014 issue marks the sixth year in a row that Sharefaith has received awards. In the constantly-shifting field of church media, this is a sign of longevity, stability, and trust. Worship Leader also recognizes secular companies such as Gibson, Sony, and Sennheiser for product categories such as tech and musical instruments. For a small Christian company to retain a longstanding place on the list is a testimony to the company’s commitment to product excellence and customer care.


“It’s a real honor,” said Hein van Wyk, CEO of Sharefaith. “We’ve worked really hard to create the best products we can for churches. At the core, it’s about giving glory to God. We just want to help churches do that better. When we get recognized with awards like this, it reminds us that we’re on the right track.”


Sharefaith has been doing it long enough to know. For a decade, Sharefaith has built the world’s largest collections of sermon PowerPoints, worship videos, bulletin covers, and backgrounds. Sharefaith stepped into the church website field to provide churches with a cost-competitive way to get an online presence without the typical high costs and technical hurdles. In addition, the company developed worship software specifically tailored for churches to better use PowerPoint in their worship events.


The most recent addition to Sharefaith’s offering is Sharefaith Kids, a complete Sunday School curriculum, that is 100% cloud based, including video, audio, lesson plans, songs, narration, class activities, and even a dedicate app for desktop, tablet, or mobile. It’s stress-free Sunday School prep at its finest.


This fall, Sharefaith unleashes a brand new product, church apps. “A huge need for churches right now is to have a mobile app,” said Hein van Wyk. “We’re fielding requests for this all the time.” The solution, scheduled for release on November 6, 2014, is precisely what churches have been asking for — a complete and customizable app for Android and iOS. The app does not require any coding skills, and Sharefaith can even handle submitting it to the App Store or Google Play. The app is packed with features including Bible study tools, visitor orientation, tithing, and push notifications for things like event reminders, care groups, or schedule changes. It’s a game changer for churches who want to connect effectively with their congregations.


For churches who need an all-in-one solution, Sharefaith is the clear answer. While winning awards for six years straight is a byproduct of excellence, the excellence itself is intentional and focused. “We simply want to give God the glory in all we do,” Sharefaith’s CEO said.


To that end, Sharefaith continues to plan hard, pray hard, and work hard to give the church the finest resources for proclaiming the truth. You can find out more about Sharefaith and their products at Sharefaith.com.


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