Have you ever found the absolute perfect PowerPoint graphic for your upcoming sermon, only to wish the text or scripture was in another language? With Sharefaith’s Photoshop Source file option that comes with every new Church PowerPoint release, you can update the language in a matter of minutes.


Step 1. Find your sermon graphic

Your first task is to find the Sermon Graphic you want to use for your presentation. I’m a big fan of this new Identity in Christ graphic, it has very beautiful colors and a very unique imagery. But I would love for the message, “Identity in Christ” to be in Spanish instead of English. Thankfully, the graphic is available in a Photoshop source file and can be completely edited (NOTE: Adobe Photoshop is required to run this file).



Step 2. Recognize any missing fonts and install

Because I want to change the wording of this graphic, I’ll need to check if I have the fonts that are used in the file installed on my computer. As you can see in the image below, the yellow triangle in the text layer indicates that I don’t have the font that is used.



Luckily, all fonts used in Sharefaith graphics are listed in an included text file and the majority of the fonts used in Sharefaith’s graphics are free to download. In this case, my missing font is a version of Bauer Bodoni, which can easily be downloaded from Dafont.com, and installed on your computer.



Step 3 Change your text

With your new fonts installed, you’re free edit the text layer in the Photoshop file. In this case, I wanted the theme text  “Identity in Christ” to be changed to a Spanish translation of “Identidad En Cristo”. To do so, I just click on the text layer, and update the text. In some graphics, there may be some additional layer editing required, in this case, a “pass through” layer above the text was masking the text group. I simply painted a little more white  on that layer so that the text would show.




And that’s it! Thanks to the available PS source file, I’m able to update the graphic text to my hearts content. Takes less than 5 minutes with a little practice. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments!




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2 Responses

  1. Julio J

    The only problem with this is that many many free fonts don’t support special characters since they are limited to a basic character scheme. In Spanish, for example, I have lots of trouble finding characters like áéíóúñ ¡¿ So the only options are to edit the font, which requires a font editor, or just ‘shop the special marks into the image. In our church, we like the “We’re glad you are here” subtitle in the welcome slide, so we’ve translated it into Spanish, but I’ve come up with another solution: Paraphrase it so no word contains special characters.

    • Julio J

      I didn’t even mention the translation we use for “We’re glad you are here”, it would be “Nos alegra que nos acompañe”. I’ve paraphrased it to “Nos alegra contar con su presencia”.

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