Many pastors are quite animated with their hands when preaching their gospel sermon. But at times, it can be difficult to balance their Bible, notes, iPad, and microphone all while giving a great speech on grace. To free up their hands, we’ve put together a list of Top 10 Hands-free Wireless Microphones for pastors. The wireless mics are ranked by price, so we should have a little something for everyone. All links and ratings for the wireless mics are from and B&H.

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Top 10 Wireless Mics – Best Handsfree Wireless Mics for Pastors and Speakers

Av-jefe Vl630-h4p Headset Microphone
Av-jefe Vl630-h4p Headset Microphone - Wireless Mics

Sweat and Dust-proof made primarily for indoor and outdoor speakers. Designed for use in Houses of Worship, lecturers, and other applications. Provides high-quality voice pickup. Ultra lightweight, easy clip-on and bendable boom for comfortable use. Compatible with Audio Technica Hiroshi Mini 4 Pin Wireless Bodypack Transmitter.



Avjefes Vl67035t Mini Headset Microphone

Avjefes Vl67035t Mini Headset Microphone - Wireless Mics

Very similar to its sibling and predecessor above, the 35t is the newer model and has a slightly better build quality with minor improvements all around.




Samson SE10T Earset Headset Condenser Microphone

Samson SE10T Earset Headset Condenser Microphone - Wireless MicsThe SE10 is a low profile, headworn, micro-miniature condenser microphone with a 3mm capsule. Its excellent audio reproduction makes it perfect for spoken word, fitness, and other vocal applications.




Samson SE50 Omnidirectional Headworn Microphone

Samson SE50 Omnidirectional Headworn Microphone - Wireless Mics

The microphone can be easily shaped to fit the left or right ear and the unique retaining band holds the mic in place even when used in fitness applications. It’s water resistant coating also provides protection from sweat and other moisture during high-energy performances.




Shure MX153T Omnidirectional Earset

Shure MX153T Omnidirectional Earset - Wireless Mics

The Shure Microflex MX153 provides outstanding clarity in an extremely comfortable over-the-ear design. This professional subminiature earset microphone is ideal for applications in which improved gain before feedback over lavalier microphones is desired. Delivering exceptional speech clarity, the MX153 is ideal for corporate presentations, houses of worship, A / V conferencing, and live sound reinforcement.


Samson Airline Micro Headset Wireless Microphone System

Samson Airline Micro Headset Wireless Microphone System - Wireless MicsThe AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System is a breakthrough that utilizes the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and small, high-quality audio and RF components to bring performance freedom and convenience to a new level. The result is not only Samson’s smallest wireless system but also Samson’s most comfortable, reliable and versatile system ever.



AKG Pro Audio HC577

AKG Pro Audio HC577 - Wireless MicsThe HC577 L is an extremely small reference head-worn microphone, designed for on-stage use. The microphone uses a CK77 omnidirectional transducer that has been an industry standard for lavaliere capsules for years and ensures superior audio performance. A patented body design protects the microphone from moisture and perspiration. The capsule uses the signal of two vertical diaphragms mounted back to back, mixed out of phase to cancel out mechanical and cable noise.


Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset

Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earset - Wireless Mics

When you’re giving a presentation or singing up there in front of an audience, you want your microphone to fit comfortably and sound great. And here’s a way to take care of both objectives. The Countryman E6i microphone is super-popular for good reason. It’s way discreet, it features a comfort fit, and it reproduces voices so naturally you won’t believe you’re singing/talking through a microphone… let alone wearing one.


Countryman E6i Cardioid Ear Set Head-worn Microphone

Countryman E6i Cardioid Ear Set Head-worn Microphone - Wireless MicsThe E6i is set apart from the original E6 with its softer flexible boom and silicon ear-pads. The flexible boom provides ease of boom adjustability to accommodate multi-user applications. A wide variety of colors and connections are available for use with various wireless transmitters. This version is tan and features a Switchcraft TA4-Female connector for use with Shure wireless transmitters.



DPA Microphones d:fine Single-Ear Mounted Omnidirectional Mic

DPA Microphones d:fine Single-Ear Mounted Omnidirectional Mic - Wireless MicsTop of the line! The d:fine Single-Ear Mounted Omnidirectional Mic with a 3.5mm Locking Ring for Sennheiser Wireless Transmitters and Medium Boom from DPA Microphones features a 90mm boom arm that has wind and pop protection integrated into the microphone design. The boom and ear hook can be rotated for use on your left or right ear and have a lightweight 0.30-ounce design for minimal visual impact.


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