Resurrection day is one of the most important events on the calendar. Without the death and resurrection of Christ we would have no church, there would be no reason for ministry, and we would have no message. It is the foundation to the hope we enjoy, the faith to endure and the reason many of us get up in morning. He is risen!  Celebrating the resurrection is a joyful event for believers and the intrigue of those searching, so let’s not lose focus or be distracted by tradition, habit or culture; instead let’s create maximum impact on the gospel in all areas of this special service, including the bulletin.

What Should Go in Your Easter Church Bulletin

Cover Graphic
Pictures have strong appeal and can effectively display an important message. A picture is worth a thousand words, but if it is a muddled and irrelevant, it will fall short of being effective. A single graphic for the cover should wrap up the whole theme in one image. Be sure that you choose a bulletin design that is not only relevant, but is also compatible with popular editing software in case you need to personalize the image or text. Proper print quality is another important factor. Grainy and weak looking images and text will leave the wrong impression. Regarding relevancy, there are many ways to graphically communicate the topic of Christ’s victory over death through His resurrection. Sharefaith makes it easy with beautiful options that include images of the empty cross, abstract designs in spring colors of celebration, worshipful and contemplative representations, and other creative imagery designed to show God’s power over death. There are so many church bulletin covers and newsletter templates to choose from and are all worth checking out. Let’s talk about the planning of your Easter Sunday bulletin.


Keep visitors in mind
The bulletin on this specific Sunday could very well be an event program, church bulletin and gospel track – all in one. Keep in mind you will have increased number of visitors so make this particular bulletin more visitor-friendly than usual. Include scripture reading and an outline of the morning service. If you usually project worship lyrics but will be hosting a special outdoor sunrise service where projection will not be possible, you will want to also include hymn and worship lyrics for the corporate music segment of the service.

Take the opportunity to include a summary account of the important message of Christ’s death and resurrection. The gospel will be presented in the service, so including some aspect of gospel in the bulletin will create a track-like opportunity as well. And while many question whether to include the church announcements and upcoming events in the Easter bulletin, I say leave it in. This may be the only opportunity to offer invitation to upcoming outreach events, classes, and other special events open to the community.


The interactive element
Presenting the gospel on this very important day is one thing, continued discipleship is another. You will have people who come who are impacted by the gospel. The Word of God is alive and powerful and will accomplish what it is set out to accomplish. Your bulletin should provide a variety of ways for people respond and connect. A number to call for prayer and guidance, an email contact to share questions and concerns, a web-address to your Q&A page, and directions to your counseling room or information booth. Giving options makes it easy for people to respond and ask for help in the way that they are most comfortable.


Be creative
This is a chance to break away from the standard format and try something different. May be you have had the same church snap-shop on the cover of your bulletin for over 30 years, this might be a good time to make relevant impact by exchanging it with an image that effectively tells the story. Mix up the standard content a bit. Include things in the bulletin during this special service that you would not ordinarily include. The fresh new look will produce that extra visual impact and textual effect needed to wake up the existing members and inspire visitors to go ahead and check things out.


Please share any ideas, suggestion or comments on how you have applied creative, prayerful and intentional strategy to make your Resurrection Sunday more memorable and evangelistically effective.

About The Author

Kristi Winkler is a contributing writer for Sharefaith, a veteran eLearning developer, writer/editor, and business software analyst. Her writing gives a voice to the ministry experts she consults with and interviews.

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