At the beginning of a New Year, you probably have some goals for your church — numerical growth, spiritual maturity, greater understanding and application of the Bible, increased giving, deeper relationships, more prayer, strong families, etc. We encourage you to take on a New Year goal that will assist you in achieving your other goals — a new church website.

Start Fresh – A Church Website Will Grow Your Ministry in 2014

A New Church Website for a New Year
It may not be immediately obvious that attention to a church website will dramatically help your church in the coming year, but think again. Apart from the witness of the members within a community, a church website is currently the most-visited and most-visible aspect of today’s churches.

What’s the #1 way that people find out about your church? Your website.
Where can people go to listen to sermons or watch sermon videos? Your website.

How do people know how to get in touch with your pastor or church leaders? Your website.

How do people know how to find your church?

Where do people go to find out about church events?

How can people give to the church in a convenient and safe way? Answer to all, your church website.

A church website is a powerful tool for your church, but only if you have the right kind of website, communicating the right kinds of messages. Not all websites serve your church equally. That’s why this year, 2014, may be the perfect time for you to create a new church website.


Sharefaith Church Websites: Customization, Power, Ease
There’s one big reason why we recommend that you get a new website at the beginning of this new year: we’ve just unleashed the biggest update to our church website creator. The latest innovations in web technology are now available to all churches, regardless of size or budget. These powerful enhancements are light years ahead of most church website creators; plus, we’ve priced our websites at a point that places it within easy reach of any congregation. And the update is free for current church website users. Here’s a glance at what’s new in Sharefaith Church Websites V3.

  • Theme Generator. Unify the visual message of your website with fewer detailed decisions. The Theme Generator, a Sharefaith exclusive, gives you total power over the way your website looks. From selecting the background to refining the texture, you can make changes as detailed or as sweeping as you’d like. A website’s visual appeal — its UI — is crucial to a web experience, and now you can control it all.
  • Sidekick Editor. Easily create new pages with just a few clicks. The Sidekick editor, completely revamped and enhanced, is primed and ready to add pages, edit graphics, and perform hundreds of other tasks. We’ve distilled into seconds tasks that would take a web developer days to create.
  • Front end, on-page power. Sometimes, poking around the back end of a website can be intimidating, especially for those uninitiated into the mysteries of HTML. We’ve swept all complication aside, by inventing powerful widgets that operate on the front end of the site. Now, you can make realtime on-page changes, and it’s blissfully simple.
  • Jaw-dropping visuals. Graphics can make or break a website. With Sharefaith’s V3, you can now make a website stand out with breathtaking hero graphics, rotating banners, and the ultimate in graphic refinement. The drag-and-drop ease of this new addition virtually eliminates headaches and panic attacks.
  • Unlimited fonts and color selection. Got a favorite font for your church website? No problem. We’ve got you covered with the ability to add any font you want, or choose from our list of most popular web-ready fonts.

It’s pretty obvious that Sharefaith’s church websites are open for business. If you’re hankering for some improvements on your church website, you couldn’t have picked a better time then now.

Struggling with an old church website? It’s time to change.
If you have an old website that doesn’t offer some of the features above, you probably already know that you need to change. It’s time for a complete overhaul. A new church website can help you achieve your other church goals.

  • By enhancing your web presence and SEO with a new website, more people will find out about your church and come to visit.
  • By posting a daily Bible reading schedule on your church website, more church members will be encouraged to stick to their daily Bible reading plan and meditate upon God’s Word.
  • By improving your website with a calendar, attendance may increase as people are kept up-to-date on church events.
  • By posting news and announcements on the church website, you can help people become aware of volunteer needs, special services, or other notable events in your church’s life.
  • By having a blog on your church website, you can increase your impact among a wider readership, and provide encouragement and edification for church members. You can even increase your focus on critical church life topics such as building stronger families, exploring aspects of God’s character, or better understanding the importance of right worship.
  • By adding online giving, you will probably see an increase in giving. Using our website allows you to add online giving. And believe it or not, it’s easy and doesn’t cost a thing! Plus, it provides a way for people to tithe even if they’re on vacation, away from church, or forgot to bring cash or a checkbook to a service.
  • By implementing sermon videos or recordings, you allow people to catch up on sermon series, find sermons that serve a particular need in their lives, and give visitors an understanding of what to expect when they attend your services.
  • By switching to a new church website, you can save money on sky-high hosting costs or outrageous design fees. Sharefaith church websites provide the lowest price in the industry for the greatest amount of power and customization. You can’t beat our hosting fees either, especially considering that we use a proprietary hosting service for faith-based and church websites only.

Additionally, if you have an existing church website on an old domain, you can keep your old domain name (e.g., to save you unnecessary hassle and your members and community confusion!

Is your church website ready for 2014? Getting a new church website can be the nudge you need to get a great start in 2014.

You can get started now.


About The Author

Daniel Threlfall has been writing church ministry articles for more than 10 years. With his background and training (M.A., M.Div.), Daniel is passionate about inspiring pastors and volunteers in their service to the King. Daniel is devoted to his family, nerdy about SEO, and drinks coffee with no cream or sugar. Learn more about Daniel at his blog and twitter.

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