While at the Worship Leader Conference in Kansas, we got the opportunity to hear Vertical Church Band lead us in Worship to our Lord. We followed up with the band to get insight on what they’re up to, their upcoming album, and get a few tips for worship leaders everywhere.

For starters, how many members are actually part of VCB? How many Tour? Was the origination completely through the church, or did some of you play together prior?

How many people are part of the band is a complicated question! The Vertical Church Band is actually an extension of a group of 400 people who serve on seven campuses at Harvest Bible Chapel. Some had previous relationships that brought them to Harvest, but the band is formed from that group of men and women who play and lead week to week.


In Kansas, we noticed that VCB has a uniqueness of vocals. You don’t just have one person who can lead, you have 4 or 5 powerful vocalists that all have their individual style…

Since we come from a real church, there are many great worship leaders who bring different vocal dynamics. Our new album, “The Rock Won’t Move,” actually features six different worship leaders among the 11 brand new songs. The hope in having that many people involved is that the individuals fade away and Jesus takes center stage.


What is VCB up to lately? Are you on tour?

This fall we will be releasing a new album and leading at three “Act Like Men” Conferences with our pastor James MacDonald. Other speakers will include Lecrae, Matt Chandler and Mark Driscol! We are also leading at our annual conference in October for our 100+ Harvest Bible Chapels around the world. And then in November, we will be going on a small tour run with our friend Matt Maher.


What do you have in the works right now?

We are really excited about the new album and a program we are running called Vertical Church Band Insider. For a reasonable price, people who resonate with our music get individual EP’s from our worship leaders, demos, B-sides released nowhere else, and all kinds of cool stuff. It has been met with a great response so far.


Do you have a set release date?

“The Rock Won’t Move,” will be released October 22nd, in stores and digital outlets everywhere!


What are a few tips you could offer a worship leader that would help them lead true God worship during a service?

1. Do, what you can do, well. Some songs work in stadiums, others with a couple instruments and 30 people. Take advantage of the good parts of your current place of ministry and don’t wish for different.

2. Serve the people by singing the songs that resonate in their hearts, done in a key and manner in which they can engage. The end game is the congregation singing, not the impressiveness of my skills.

3. You can’t lead where you haven’t gone. As you dive deeper and deeper into the Word and in prayer, God will be faithful to work through you in increased ways.


Finally, we LOVED the song “I’m Going Free” at the conference. Will you be releasing a live version of that song any time soon?

While there is already a studio version on our “Vertical = EP” on iTunes, the new album has a really fun fresh version done live. It has been an awesome song to lead in our church.


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