You’ve probably noticed by now that the Sharefaith site looks a lot cooler and sleeker. From the logo redesign down to the FAQ, we’ve given it a thorough once-over. But there’s more to this swank new design than just eye candy. Here’s how and why we made the improvements, and how the site redesign will make your life better.

1.  Fewer menu options for faster finding.

By scaling down our top menu, it’s easier to find what you need. This menu is the key to unlocking all the treasures of Sharefaith. It contains seven main headings with drop-down expansion.

2.  Search better.

The search field got a sweet redesign, and is quicker than ever to find and use. Notice the “filter” that gives you laserlike accuracy for finding exactly what you need.

3.  Print Center is a click away.

Since Print Center has been introduced, we wanted to make it eminently accessible. Now in the distance of one click, it is. Speaking of which, you should probably check out the Print Center. It’s a church admin’s dream come true.

4.  Print Templates are in a single menu category.

We know that a lot of people visit Sharefaith to get their church bulletins, flyers newsletters, and clipart. We’ve consolidated each of these four options into a single drop-down menu from which you can access whatever print item you need.

5.  Icons for instant identification.

Each design on the site now has a small icon in the upper left corner that tells you what exactly it is. PowerPoints are indicated by a display screen icon, bulletins are folded paper, videos are a camera, etc. This new features makes it easy to identify at-a-glance the type of design you need. For example, if you search for “pumpkin” without using the filter, you can instantly find your Pumpkin-themed PowerPoint, bulletin, and welcome video, because of the handy icons.

6.  Quick visual links.

For some of our most popular links — Church Websites, Worship Software, Church Print Center, and Worship Loops — we’ve added picture buttons and a brief explanation.

7.  See everything better.

Big visuals are key for any website. Even the way we designed our church website templates tells you this month. We’ve maximized the visual space on the site. After all, Sharefaith is all about awesome visual presentation.

8.  It’s much easier to try or join.

It’s easier than ever to  give Sharefaith a try with a free trial. We’ve enlarged the “join now” and “free trial” buttons, positioned in the upper right hand corner. It shouldn’t be hard to join a site this good!

9.  Your Login button is right where it needs to be.

One of the first things that our members do when they visit Sharefaith is head straight to the login button in order to download products or check out their favs. This text link is located top and center — right where it needs to be.

10.  Check out latest releases right when you visit.

We’ve featured latest releases, so you can see all of Sharefaith’s shiny new designs, and even visit a whole page of latest designs. After all, we’re pushing out fresh, new, high-quality designs every single week. Now, you’ll never miss them. Plus, within each category of designs, you’ll find each of the new designs featured.

11. All your favorite links never leave the screen.

Regardless of where you’re browsing on the site, the most important links will stay right at the top — beginning with the Login, Support, FAQ, and Learn More options. Below that, the persistent header menu will give you quick access to whatever it is you need — from flyers to folded bulletins, and beyond.

12.  Better breadcrumbs.

You’ll always be able to find your way back from where you came on the site. Breadcrumbs — a navigation aid that helps you find out where you are on the site, and how to get back to where you came — help out when you’re downloading several items and wanting to return to a menu page. The breadcrumbs are located directly beneath the main menu.

13.  Get social.

The social links, including newsletter subscription, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc., are all located at the bottom of every page.

14. Simple member interface.

Your member interface is simple and streamlined. Here, you can access your favorite designs, check out your account information, and review invoices.

Our goal is to better serve churches and church leaders around the world. We hope that our site redesign will help toward that goal.

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