What exactly are you paying for when you purchase a church website? You write a check, sign it, and send it to your church website company, but what is all that money doing? Where is it going? More importantly, what are you getting for what you’re paying? Here at Sharefaith, we believing in being transparent about fees, charges, and money. So, without further ado, here is the breakdown of what you pay, what it covers, and what you get when you buy a church website from Sharefaith. In other words, here’s the DL on the best church website deal on the planet.

Sharefaith Membership:  Starting Point for Church Website

What it is:  A membership with Sharefaith lasts one year, and gives you access to the world’s largest single collection of church worship resources.

What you get:  You get unlimited access to PowerPoints, worship videos, worship backgrounds, church bulletins, church flyers, church newsletters, and clipart are all part of the package. Downloads are limitless.

How much it costs:  Typical cost is $49/m or $499/yr. New members get a 15% discount their first month or year!

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Hosting Plan:  Essential for Getting Your Website on the Internet

What it is:  Every website needs to be hosted. Hosting is what puts your website live on the Internet for everyone to see. Without hosting, there is no website.

What you get:  Sharefaith’s hosting is provided by a company devoted exclusively to hosting Christian websites. This provides peace of mind that your church website does not share server space with illicit or questionable websites. Hosting is secure and reliable.

How much it costs:  Hosting is completely free and included in a Sharefaith Website!


Domain Name:  The Address of your Church Website

What it is:  A domain name is the church’s Internet address. For example, Sharefaith’s address is www.sharefaith.com. Your church address will be something like www.myreallygreatchurch.org.

What you get:  Sharefaith church websites allow you to use your existing domain name if you have one, and transfer it to a Sharefaith site.

How much it costs:  Purchasing a new domain name or transferring your old one costs $18.99.

That’s it.

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