A Sharefaith membership is pretty straightforward:  members get cutting-edge  designs, fresh content every week, unlimited downloads, total access to the world’s largest church media library, and every type of media someone could ever need. But there’s more to it than a slam-dunk site and oodles of graphics. Being a Sharefaith member is going to change the way you live life and do ministry. Think about it this way.

  1. You win back time. Sharefaith is a time-saving machine. Think about all the time the church staff would spend designing, formatting, and creating bulletin designs or PowerPoint templates. Then, think about the time zapping potential of designing a church website. (Shudder in horror at the thought.) That’s the kind of time you save with Sharefaith. Need some extra time? Thought so.
  2. You look good. Sharefaith graphics have style—insanely good style. You can thank professional graphic designers—PowerPoint pros, video designers, web designers, and word processing gurus—for producing stuff that looks plain awesome.
  3. You save some serious cash. Ever tried to buy your own graphics on those pay-per-download sites? Dropping ten bucks for a stock photo, thirty bucks for a video loop, or fifteen bucks for some professional templates can drain the church coffers real fast. And a website? Those things can fetch prices in the tens of thousands! An annual membership to Sharefaith on the other hand plus free church website? Mega major savings time.
  4. You communicate better. You know how important (and challenging) communication can be, especially if you’re doing it publicly week after week. Sharefaith, recognizing the importance of the visual component, is your communication partner. Shoddy media can be a turn-off. Excellence in church media doesn’t happen by accident, but when it does, people pay attention. They listen. Your communication improves.
  5. You have help when you need it. Sharefaith won’t leave you high and dry. Once you’re a member, you’ll have all the help you need. Whether you’re having problems with starting your church website, need help with finding the best download format, or just want to share a prayer request with someone, we’re here to listen. Pick up the phone. Give us a call. We’ll talk.

Should you become a Sharefaith member? Checking out Sharefaith’s site answers the question for most people. But if you’re still wondering—is it worth the money? will it take extra time? is it good quality stuff? are there real people over there?— the answer is yes (and yes, and yes, and yes).

We invite you to become a part. Go ahead, think about it. Check your budget. Get a second opinion. When you do join, you’ll experience benefits beyond what you thought, and you’ll never regret it.

Join Sharefaith now.

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