They’re here! Three brand new web templates from Sharefaith. These three new church website templates give you some great new options for a stunning church website.

Below are the three latest additions. Click on any of the images to access a live preview of the website.

Firm Foundation Church Website

Firm Foundation Church Website

Urban Church Website

Urban Church Website

Elegant Church Website

Elegant Church Website

Hey, I want my church website to look like that!

If you already have a Sharefaith church website, you can switch your church website template to any of these three new themes. It’s really easy. The new theme should be available in your Church Website Control Panel, and all you have to do is select the option you want. If you’d like to read a quick overview on changing the theme of your church website, read this.

One of the most powerful features of Sharefaith church websites is something that you don’t see. It’s the Instant Update. No other church websites offer an update tool like this one—keeping your church website running at peak condition without your needing to click anything, download anything, or check anything. Instant Update just happens, as long as an admin is logged in from time to time.

When you are logged in to your church website, you will occasionally see a yellow info box informing you that an update is running. This is the Instant Update doing its magic. Sharefaith may occasionally issue update to introduce new themes, fresh features, bug fixes, etc.

You’ll be able to update your church website with a new theme by logging in and clicking on “SF Theme Option” (under “Appearance”). Here, you’ll see all your options for theme selection:

Click to enlarge the image.

Even though the Instant Update happens automatically, you’ll need to give it a kick start. For more information on enabling your church website with the auto-updater, read this guide.

Do you want to have a fully operating church website in less than one hour?

Maybe you don’t have a church website yet. Well, you need one. Sharefaith members are eligible for a free church website. Sign up today and get access to the world’s largest library of digital Christian media—plus an awesome church website.

Got any questions about Sharefaith church websites?

We have answers to just about all your questions, plus we’ve probably even answered questions you haven’t thought about asking. Read some tutorials or FAQ. Or you can get in touch with us personally.

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