There are a ton of different ways to stay connected with your congregation, especially with the rise of social media and church websites. There is one tried-and-true means of church communication and connectedness that has remained steady for a long time. It’s the church newsletter, and shows no sign of giving way to the high-tech pressures of today. In fact, it’s keeping stride with them as church newsletters take on an electronic format and whirl through cyberspace.

What Is a Church Newsletter?

A church newsletter is quite simple. It’s an in-house publication by a church, for a church, and about a church. Depending on the size of the church, church newsletters don’t have to be a long or complicated deal. They can be as simple as a one-page article or two, or as big and fancy as a ten-page booklet, complete with staples and cover art.

What’s In a Church Newsletter?

Obviously, a church newsletter is all about content. But what’s  in it? Really, it’s up to you. Church newsletters are a personal type of publication, so whatever you choose to put in the newsletter isn’t going to be sent to AP and ready by news syndicates worldwide. In that sense, you can relax. Church newsletters often feature an article by the pastor or other church leaders, an encouraging poem or Scripture verse, an article or two about a recent event, or even pictures from church life and church activities.

How Often Is a Church Newsletter Published?

There are some churches that send out a church newsletter every single week! Some churches obviously aren’t equipped to do this level of publication, so they opt for a monthly church newsletter. The once-a-month model is the approach taken by most churches. Other churches send their church newsletter out quarterly. It’s really up to the individual church.

Distributing the Church Newsletter

How is the church newsletter distributed? Most often, it is handed out by greeters at the doorway, or placed on an entry-way table. Sometimes, a church newsletter is handed out during a Sunday School hour. Shut-ins and other members may receive newsletter via mail, although this is often a high-cost distribution method for many churches. More and more, churches are sending out electronic newsletters. Churches can easily create a church newsletter using Sharefaith, print it as a PDF, and send it as an attachment to their email list.

Sharefaith and Church Newsletters

For nearly a decade, Sharefaith has been a leader in the design and production of stunning church newsletter templates. We believe that a church should have a church newsletter solution that is easy to use, inexpensive, yet powerful and professional. Over the years, we’ve created a cutting-edge approach to church newsletters that cuts away the inefficiency, unleashes a church newsletter’s full potential, and delivers to churches exactly what they need and how they need it.

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