Every second of every day, there are 235 searches for the word “free” on Google. Every second. People love free stuff, and “free downloads” tops the chart for one of the most-searched-for terms on the Internet. It’s no surprise that a whole lot of people are searching for free worship video backgrounds, free christian videos, free worship videos, free church video loops, and free-just-about-anything-else-you-can-possibly imagine. Free is wonderful, but do these “free church videos” available online come at a cost?

Warnings about Free Motion Backgrounds

Sharefaith, providing high-quality church videos, is interested in giving churches the best worship videos we can. So, we decided to find out what’s available online. What we discovered was fascinating. The problem with free motion backgrounds and free christian videos is not that they are free. Free motion backgrounds are fine. What does seem to be a problem is that many of these free motion backgrounds and free church videos are of poor quality. In Sharefaith’s survey of free church videos online, we noted several problems:

  • Some websites offering free church videos did not actually offer any totally “free church videos.” Any of the alleged “free downloads” came only with a purchase.
  • Church media sites with free worship backgrounds featured media of poor quality. It was hard to find any true free worship backgrounds, but the ones we did find had several problems.
  • Most of the free motion backgrounds were in low resolution, not suitable for projecting in church.
  • Some free motion backgrounds had logo watermarks, distorting the picture and rendering them useless for church worship.
  • We discovered that some free motion backgrounds had suitable quality, but the video was of an extremely short duration (10 seconds) which made it nearly impossible to develop anything worthwhile.
  • Some free motion backgrounds were only available streaming online, not allowing them to be integrated with church worship software.
  • Most of the free motion backgrounds were only available in one file format. This could be extremely frustrating for someone working with software that featured limited file support.
  • By far, the worst problem with the lack of artistic and aesthetic quality that these videos displayed.

We don’t have anything against free motion backgrounds. In fact, we’re excited and eager to provide as many free resources to churches as we possibly can. What we do have a problem with is the crummy quality of many free motion backgrounds for churches. Our purpose here is to warn you about the quality of these free motion backgrounds, and to provide a refreshing alternative that is of high quality. Many budget-strapped churches can’t afford to pay for high-quality media, especially at the high rates charged by some worship media companies.

Free Church Videos Worth Downloading

We do have two recommendations for finding high quality free motion backgrounds for churches and ministries.

  1. Free trial with Sharefaith. Sharefaith, the premier online church media site, offers a free trial membership. The seven-day free trial provides unlimited access to the entire site—38,000 designs, including church videos, church PowerPoints, church bulletins, church worship backgrounds, church flyers, church newsletters, and church clipart. With every free trial membership comes 25 free downloads. Yes, it’s free. Totally free. And, yes, Sharefaith produces media of extremely high-quality. You won’t be disappointed. Start your trial membership now.
  2. Free church media resources on the Sharefaith blog. Here on the Sharefaith blog, we’re committed to providing churches with the information and resources to conduct effective ministries, focusing on church media excellence. As part of that mission, we frequently offer free downloads. Keep in tune with the Sharefaith blog to get access to high-quality church media. We aren’t tossing you the leftovers. We’re delivering cream-of-the-crop top-notch Christian media that you can easily use right away in your church ministry. You’ll frequently find free motion backgrounds and other great resources.

Visit the “free downloads” section of our blog for a list of all our free resources to date, including free motion backgrounds.

Free stuff is out there. Just be discerning. Don’t compromise excellence in media. Realize that you may have to pay something for a product. Your goal is to find the best product at the best price. With Sharefaith, you can purchase a solution that provides for virtually all of your media needs. Our collection of church worship backgrounds and other Christian videos is the best out there! The cost, including unlimited downloads and total access to everything we have, is only $129 for a year. If you’re still skeptical, you can get the trickle of free motion backgrounds and other church free resources. Or, you can launch your free trial membership.

Or better yet, you can try a full membership. We don’t think you’ll be disapppointed.

Start using Sharefaith now!

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