Motion backgrounds provide a powerful resource for nearly any event in the life of the church. In your mind right now, think through some of the church events that you regularly observe. What’s on your mind? Baptisms? Lord’s supper? Now, how could church video enhance those events? Quite a bit. Announcing the events with motion backgrounds, reminding people with motion backgrounds, displaying them while the ordinance is carried out. Motion backgrounds for church can be used for a whole lot more than you may have realized. Find out how motion backgrounds can provide a great video resource for baptism and the Lord’s supper.

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of the motion backgrounds that you can use for a given church occasion. It’s just a sampling. The point is this. If you want to use a motion background in conjunction with a particular church event, there is probably a motion background that’s perfect for what you need. Here’s a start–motion backgrounds focusing on baptism and the Lord’s supper

Baptism  Motion Backgrounds

Baptism is the believer identifying with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection. These are a few of the motion backgrounds that focus on baptism. If your entire service revolves around the event of baptism, you can do more than just display a motion background. You can also use an entire media kit. Here are two options:

Lord’s Supper Motion Backgrounds

There are motion backgrounds for a whole lot more. We’ll probably post a few blog articles on it in the days ahead, but you can start browsing for yourself.

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