Nearly any pastor or speaker who uses Christian PowerPoints is interested in having the best PowerPoint sermons, Pastor PowerPoints, and Christian PowerPoint templates that he can possibly have. Having the best sermon PowerPoints is possible, in part, by having good design skills. Reading a few of the articles on PowerPoints will help give you those rudimentary skills. Beyond that, here are some of the features of the best church PowerPoint templates.

The best church PowerPoint templates are interesting. This point seems obvious, but it’s worth thinking about. People won’t want to look at boring pastor PowerPoints. Interesting imagery, colorful slides, readable text, and other features will make your sermon PowerPoints into the best church PowerPoint templates out there. Here’s an example of an attenti0n-grabbing PowerPoint.

Redeemed PowerPoint Sermon Template | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints will feature variety. Variety is the spice of PowerPoint life. What we mean by this is not that a single sermon should display a different theme on every slide in the sermon. Instead, it’s okay to vary the layout and overall look of the slide. You’ll see what we mean by the image below, which displays a variety of various slide images for the same PowerPoint sermon.

The best church PowerPoints display relevant imagery. For church PowerPoints and Christian PowerPoints, our subject matter is unique. That’s why just the stock templates from Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote aren’t the best for our purposes. Christian PowerPoint templates should have a theme, like the one below:

Resurrection Sunday PowerPoint Sermon | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints often display realism in photography. Clipart—those distracting little images on the PowerPoint displays of yesteryear—are not really in vogue today. Instead, a good sermon PowerPoint template display will feature realistic-looking photos and templates. See the one below.

Prepare the Way Easter PowerPoint Template | slide 1

The best church PowerPoints display a unified look. Unity and theme are so important, as explained in another article. Find a church PowerPoint template that displays unity throughout all the slides. Each PowerPoint sermon from Sharefaith features numerous PowerPoint slides that all have the same theme.

The best church PowerPoints strategically use color. Most of us are tuned in to color. We want to see color in our worship PowerPoints and sermon slides. Our eyes are automatically programmed to look at colorful images. This principle can and should be put to good use when you’re looking for the best church PowerPoints.

The best church PowerPoints are expressive of a theme. Finally, good church PowerPoint templates convey a theme. A PowerPoint sermon is not an abstract visual aid to a pointless theme. The whole idea is to convey a big idea—a theme. You can make your PowerPoint sermon work for you by emphasizing  that theme. Remember, don’t rely on your PowerPoint sermon. That’s a mistake. Instead, make your PowerPoint an aid to what you’re saying, by making sure that it carries your theme forward.

Passion of the Christ Easter Sermon | slide 1

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