One of the indicators of our digital age is worship videos in churches. Walk in almost any church in the United States today, and you’ll probably find a data projector and a projection screen. The popularity of digital projection and church videos is an amazing phenomenon, and it’s one that is worth considering. Sharefaith, as the leader in church worship videos and church video loops, takes these issues seriously. We also take seriously our responsibility to provide high quality media and high-value information. To that end, we’d like to answer the question, “What is a worship video?”

Here is a simple working definition of worship video:

A worship video Is a visual tool for aiding the church in the practice of corporate worship.

Of course that doesn’t tell you what a church video looks like or how it works. The definition simply provides some understanding of the function of a worship video. Later on, we’ll get into a discussion of church video design, types of church video, uses for church video, etc. For now however, let’s unpack that definition of worship video, to get a bit more clarity on what exactly a worship video is, and what it’s for.

A Worship Video Is a Tool
First, it’s important to understand that worship videos, Christian videos, and church videos are all tools. They are not the focus of worship, nor should they distract us from the main goal of worshipping. They are a tool—something that aids the worship. Obviously, Christians can worship just fine without worship videos. Worship videos don’t make the worship itself better, just like church buildings, church hymnals, and pulpits don’t make the worship any better. They are all tools that aid in our worship.

A Worship Video Is Visual
It’s a really basic truth, but one that is worth saying:  a worship video is visual. The worship video provides visual cues for singing songs, reading Scripture, guiding the order of service, informing people of announcements, or illustrating and amplifying biblical truths. We live in a visually-oriented age, where are eyes and minds have been trained to take in information, process it, and respond. Thus, worship videos help us process information in a way that we are accustomed to. (Which is both an advantage and liability.)

A Worship Video Is Integrated with the Church’s Worship
If a worship video is part of the worship experience, it should manifest a level of excellence (1 Cor. 14:40). Most pastors are not haphazard in their development of a sermon (let’s hope not!). Most worship leaders don’t simply get up before a congregation to lead worship without giving it forethought or rehearsing the songs. Excellence in worship is important. In much the same way, because worship videos are part of the church’s worship, they must manifest a degree of excellence. Sharefaith’s collection of worship videos helps the church in this regard, since each video is created with a high degree of professionalism and excellence.

A Worship Video Helps to Facilitate the Congregation’s Worship
As we stated above, worship videos are tools in worship. Worship videos help the congregation in a variety of ways. One of the main purposes of worship videos is to display worship lyrics for singing. Using worship video backgrounds in this way helps to unify the congregation in the singing of hymns and praise songs. Many pastors use worship video backgrounds to display the text of Scripture for their Scripture reading. Worship video backgrounds have a lot of usefulness, and in this way, worship video loops help the congregation in worship.

Examples of Best Worship Videos
Check out these worship video loop examples, designed by Sharefaith artists and video editors. These examples of worship videos provide you with a good benchmark for evaluating the quality of a worship video.

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