How Church Presentation Software Saves You Time


The next sentence you read is a fact: Worship software saves you time.

And you have every right to be skeptical about that claim.

There’s this problem with technology when it comes to saving time. It’s become cliche to say that the very things designed to save us time actually end up costing us more time. The innovation of e-mail has turned into a chronological cookie monster that devours hours of our time each day. We had high hopes that Microsoft Word would magically add an hour or two to our workday, but it ends up crashing, or we obliterate eons of time finagling with margin frustrations or pagination issues. (more…)

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Four Benefits for Valentine’s Day Church Media

When you think about “church media,” what comes to your mind? Last minute slide shuffling? Frantic spell-checking? Slow computers? Files that won’t open? ExaltNow is the product that totally changes how you do church media, transforming PowerPoint into a full-scale worship presentation software. The way you think about church media will be forever changed.


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