Top 25 Christmas Worship Backgrounds for Church

Are you looking for beautiful Christmas worship backgrounds to use in your holiday service? We’ve compiled this list of the top 25 Christmas worship backgrounds for church that you can download, customize and edit to fit your needs. As you prepare your Christmas worship song list, you may consider any of these top Christmas worship backgrounds that will display beautifully behind any Christmas carol or hymn. Continue reading “Top 25 Christmas Worship Backgrounds for Church” »

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One Website that Will Revolutionize Your Church Media

If you’re a productivity geek like I am, you know the power of streamlining and simplifying. The good news is, there is at least one place on the web where you can get virtually all of your church media needs taken care of in a single website. Here’s the one website that will revolutionize your church media.

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Is Technique Important? Making the Message Stick

Is Anyone Listening to You?

Let me be open with you. I’m not into the whole three-step formula and how-to books about churches and church ministry. It seems a bit artificial and used-car-salesmanish to me. Of course, if there is such a thing as an actual three-step formula to growing a church of ninety million people, I’m all ears. In the real world, though, such things are the stuff of pastoral fantasy and a waste of time. Understanding and applying biblical principles and commands is way more important. Having said all that, I’m about to tell you a how-to tip, but hopefully, it’s one that will work. (And no, it’s not about growing a ninety -million member church…but it might help.)

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Getting on the Same Page – Using Worship PowerPoints

One trend of worship services in recent years is the use of PowerPoint for worship lyrics in lieu of hymnbooks. More and more churches are using “worship PowerPoints” to project the words to songs. The choice is a good one for a variety of reasons. Here’s what worship PowerPoints are, and how to use them.

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10 Tips for Better Church PowerPoint Presentations

Using presentation support media like PowerPoint can be challenging and often intimidating for pastors and worship leaders. Many are worried that they “won’t do it right,” and the PowerPoint could therefore become a distraction. This is a valid concern, but making great PowerPoint presentations is probably not as difficult or time consuming as most pastors think. Here are 10 tips that will help make your PowerPoint (or whatever media presentation software you use) better for your congregation.

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Why Use Worship Videos?

Why Church Video?

You’ve probably read about worship videos, seen a few worship videos, and maybe even downloaded a free worship video background. But let’s ask the question:  why use worship videos? Are worship videos worth it? Relevant? Convenient? Cost-effective? Let’s explain some of the reasons why church videos are the way to go for churches today. Continue reading “Why Use Worship Videos?” »

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Do Churches Use Worship Videos?

It seems that a lot of things that churches do or don’t do are more bandwagon issues than the result of careful, Scriptural thinking. Worship videos are kind of like that. Rather than think about the purpose, meaning, quality, and legitimacy of a given thing, some churches do whatever everyone else is doing, be it their denomination, their favorite celebrity pastor, the megachurch down the road, or even pop culture. We would caution against the bandwagon approach to anything, even worship videos. But the issue of church videos goes beyond mere bandwagon appeal. Using worship videos is just plain smart, for a whole variety of reasons (which we’ll discuss in a future article). Today, we wanted to share with you how popular and how easy it is to use worship videos in church. The explanation behind worship videos helps you realize why churches are using worship videos in higher numbers than ever before.

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Massive Valentine’s Day Church Media Collection

Last minute preparation can now literally take just a few minutes. We’ve created a massive collection of Valentine’s Day only media. Now, in one single location you can find everything you need for your Valentine’s Day event. Can you think of something you might need for Valentine’s Day media? You got it. More videos, PowerPoints, worship backgrounds, sermon templates, mini movies, worship loops, bulletin covers, worship slides, and program graphics than you can use in a lifetime. (Well, almost.) Tweet or Facebook this post to let others know about our insanely huge Valentine’s Day collection.

This is your chance to download everything you need (and more) for your Valentine’s Day service.

Let me see the collection!

Get me a membership so I can use awesome Valentine’s Day media

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It’s Here! The All-New Contemporary Worship Backgrounds Collection

worship backgrounds

Check it out! We’ve got a brand new set of amazing contemporary worship backgrounds. We wanted you to know about this collection of more than 20 abstract worship backgrounds that will give your worship media a fresh new look and a whole new level of excitement and aesthetics. If you’re already a Sharefaith member, head over to the site and get ready for Sunday worship with this powerful new worship media tool

See the Contemporary Worship Backgrounds collection now!

If you’re not a member, this is the perfect time to become one. Sign up today!

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How to Create an Entire Valentine’s Day Media Experience

With less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get going with some Valentine’s Day preparation. We’ll use Pastor Fred as our case study. Watch how Pastor Fred goes from ground zero with his Valentine’s Day planning, to full completion for Valentine’s Day. All he needed was a Sharefaith membership.
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