Four Benefits for Valentine’s Day Church Media

When you think about “church media,” what comes to your mind? Last minute slide shuffling? Frantic spell-checking? Slow computers? Files that won’t open? ExaltNow is the product that totally changes how you do church media, transforming PowerPoint into a full-scale worship presentation software. The way you think about church media will be forever changed.

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Massive Valentine’s Day Church Media Collection

Last minute preparation can now literally take just a few minutes. We’ve created a massive collection of Valentine’s Day only media. Now, in one single location you can find¬†everything¬†you need for your Valentine’s Day event. Can you think of something you might need for Valentine’s Day media? You got it. More videos, PowerPoints, worship backgrounds, sermon templates, mini movies, worship loops, bulletin covers, worship slides, and program graphics than you can use in a lifetime. (Well, almost.) Tweet or Facebook this post to let others know about our insanely huge Valentine’s Day collection.

This is your chance to download everything you need (and more) for your Valentine’s Day service.

Let me see the collection!

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How Church Media Can Fail on Valentine’s Day

Okay, now that you’re putting the finishing touches on your Valentine’s Day media (or just starting to think about it), we’d like to issue a solemn warning. Don’t let your church media fail on Valentine’s Day. Church media is really important, and the importance is heightened right around February 14. Here are the top six ways that your Valentine’s Day church media could be headed for failure.
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