Want to stand out with your church marketing? Don’t just promote your church, events, or services. Yes, of course you want people to hear about and attend those things, but what is the true goal? It should be to change lives. The goal is for as many people to hear the gospel as possible so that salvation and life transformation can happen for as many people as possible.  

Can this be done through church marketing? Of course!  

The gospel means good news. It is the greatest message, and it needs to be shared.  Many, if not all, churches implement marketing in some form another, often to grow attendance so more people hear the gospel. But what about sharing the hope of the gospel directly in your marketing strategies? That way, more people are hearing the good news, even if they don’t actually attend your church. Hopefully it will be so inspiring and life-changing that they’ll also want to attend and join your ministry as well. 

Sharefaith asked a former contributor of the Rock Church’s marketing team about some unique tips to engage people. She mentioned that the Marketing Director at the time found some pretty interesting insight about the strategies that drew people in, not only to attend a service or event but to be encouraged and filled up.  

Tip #1: Tell a Story
Stories draw people in and help them to relate. Often, people want to know more when information is relayed to them in story form. In fact, the emotions created by a powerful story help to release dopamine into the brain, enhancing memory and more accurate recall. 

Share testimonies about how God has changed somebody’s life or how your church has made a difference in the community. Recount narratives about what your church is doing. Share stories about your people. Use your church website with a designated story or blog page and feature the anecdotes on social media. 

Tip #2: Be Inspiring 

 Provide value for your audience by offering inspiring content. If people feel inspired, they’ll want to continue hearing more from your church or ministry. There is enough bad news circulating the internet, why not provide a glimpse of encouragement?  

Some ways to inspire your congregants and potential church-goers is to encourage them with Scripture, a prayer, or a story. Share content from other sources that bring a smile to their face. Make them laugh. Inspire them to grow through devotionals or classes.  

Tip #3: Include Music 

This sounds a little strange, but when researched, one of the digital marketing strategies that performed the best was content that included music. More people viewed, liked, commented, and shared the subject matter that focused on worship. Whether it was a clip of the worship team leading on Sunday. Or lyrics from a song. Or a snippet of another Christian worship band. Or a behind the scenes of rehearsals. People enjoy the music, and it also offers a unique opportunity to encourage them to worship.  


Start Spreading the Word with Sharefaith Suite

Creating compelling church marketing isn’t as complicated as it sometimes seems. Be genuine and provide value to your audience by telling stories, inspiring them, and sharing worship experiences. Sharefaith can also help you master marketing with a powerful website and graphics designed specifically for the Church.  Sharefaith Suite lets you equip your church with graphics, websites and even children’s church curriculum that will reach new audiences! What are you waiting for? Go continue spreading the good news! 


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