Money is one of the most addressed topics in the Bible. In fact, according to multiple sources, there are over 2,000 verses that talk about money. What’s interesting, though, is that only approximately 15% of Christians actually tithe 

What is the disconnect? If the topic of money, particularly being generous, is so important to God that the Bible touches on it literally thousands of times, why aren’t believers participating in giving?  

It’s important for the Church to receive tithes and offerings because these are what help the doors stay open. These monies are also used to further advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. But above all else, God calls His people to give. Below are some tips to help turn those in your congregation who are non-givers into consistent tithers.  

Educate the congregation about the biblical principles behind giving and tithing. Sometimes, people just don’t understand that being generous is actually being more like Christ. He gave so that we could have eternal life. God is our provider. So everything we have is from Him. Sharing God’s heart behind giving and even expressing some of those thousands of Scriptures can help make a difference for somebody who is apprehensive about tithing. When people learn that giving is an act of worship in response to who God is, they may begin to realize that it’s less about the church it’s being given to and more about the heart behind the action. 

Explain where funds are going and why their gift makes a difference. One of the main setbacks preventing people from consistently tithing is they feel like the church is going to misuse their funds. When pastors and leaders are upfront about where the gifts are being used, attendees may feel led to contribute to those campaigns. Are they going towards a new building? Helping to feed the homeless? Starting a new outreach ministry? When the congregation sees a mission they are passionate about, it can help spark generosity in their hearts. When they know that their gift will make a difference in the church and/or community, they’re more likely to get behind it. 

Make giving convenient. One way we’ve witnessed an increase in consistent tithes is when the ability to give is easy and convenient. Most people no longer carry cash or checks with them to put in the offering plate. By providing multiple avenues to give, such as online giving, text to give, through an app, or with kiosks, more will be willing to contribute consistently since it’s readily available at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to only give on Sunday anymore, they can give any day of the week.  

Provide the option for people to sign up for recurring giving. Along with the convenience of giving online, set up recurring giving for your congregation so they can give automatically without having to remember to bring their tithe on Sundays. They can set up a recurring payment as frequent as they want, such as after they receive each paycheck or once a month. And since it’s recurring, it makes it even easier because each person doesn’t have to reset the parameters each time they give.  

When it comes to giving, it boils down to trustDoes the giver (or non-giver) trust that God will provide, even if they tithe? Do they trust the church will utilize the gifts appropriately? And even if the church doesn’t, do they trust that God will still have His way? When you can soften the gap that hinders this trust, you’ll see tithing increase.  

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