Administrative Professionals’ Day is right around the corner on April 24, 2019! Making sure your church admin feels valuable should be on the top of your list. According to Simon Sinek, when someone doesn’t feel they are valuable or appreciated, they live on a perpetual cortisol drip. On the other hand, when someone does feel valuable they feel safe and committed. You want your church admin to feel committed and safe working with your team. Celebrating them is simply one way to ensure this happens.

However, planning to celebrate your church administrative assistants can either elicit excitement or anxiety depending on your personality. Since April 24, 2019, is quickly approaching, we want to help you prepare with top-notch ideas to make your church admins feel appreciated. So whether your heart rate escalates at the thought of outwardly showing appreciation or whether it rises out of pure excitement, we’d like to introduce you to our top 8 ways to show your church staff some love on Administrative Professionals’ Day.

1. Provide Free Breakfast or Lunch

Scheduling a breakfast to celebrate members of your church administration team is an excellent way to show your appreciation. During the breakfast, you can have a few staff members share why they feel your church administration deserves praise. This not only helps them feel appreciated, but it also shows them how valued they are in many different ways. If you want to make this an extra special breakfast, find out what their favorite breakfast foods are and serve those for the meal. Take note of any allergies or food habits. You don’t want to serve regular donuts and croissants to someone who eats a gluten-free diet.

Another great way to celebrate your church administrators is to celebrate with a luncheon. You can make this luncheon a surprise or an already scheduled event. Serve one of their favorite meals to make it extra special. To add to the celebration of making your church admin feel special, invite their families or spouses to join you. This creates an extra piece to the celebration they won’t expect.

2. Extend Their Lunch

Piggy-backing off the celebratory lunch idea, allow all of your church admins extra time to go out to lunch. Allowing this extra time can create time to breathe and relax during their workday. Encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity because they deserve it! If you really want to go above and beyond, find a way to pay for each of the admins’ lunches as they go out to eat together.

3. Give a Gift Card

Does your church admin show up every morning with a vanilla latte from their favorite coffee shop? At lunch, do they frequent the same local restaurant? Do they value quality time with their family? Try giving them a gift card that meets their needs. A few gift card ideas include:

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • Family Focused Gift Cards (i.e. Mini Golf, Zoo Pass, Amusement Park, Museum, etc.)
  • Hobby Focused Gift Cards (i.e. Bass Pro Shop, Michael’s, Golf Course Pass, Hobby Lobby,  etc.)
  • Need more ideas? Check out Business Insider’s Best Gift Card Gifts for more inspiration.

4. Send Flowers

Giving your church admin flowers can be a special way to brighten up their daily workload. It shows that you value them as an individual. This is a simple way to show you care. To add a little personalization to this, find out what their favorite flowers are and get those!

5. Write a Personal Note

Writing a personal note to your church admin can be a unique way to show them you value them and their work. Don’t limit your note to come from just their boss. Find others in your department who value the work of your church administrators and encourage them to write a personal note too. Imagine your church admin walking to his or her desk and seeing it piled with kind messages from people he/she works with daily.

6. Gift a Book

Especially in the church world, books are a brilliant way to show someone you care about them. Whether you purchase a deeply theological book you know your church admin would love to read or a piece of fiction, books can be a fun way to express gratitude. A word of caution: take heed of the book title you may give your church administrator. If it’s a title such as “You Should Pray More” or “Eating with Caution,” you may want to steer clear. Remember that you want the overall message to be encouraging to those receiving the gift, not demeaning.

7. Let Your Administrator Leave Halfway Through the Day

Another great idea is to surprise your church admin with an unplanned half day. Surprising them with extra time they can spend doing whatever they like to do is an excellent way to allow them time to relax. It also gives them time to reflect on how grateful they are to work on such a great team.

8. Give a Charitable Donation in Their Name

Lastly, if your church administrator has a passion for a local organization that could benefit from a donation, this is also a great way to value your church admin. However, be cautious that you don’t donate to a cause that means nothing to your church admin. It needs to be something specific to them that makes them feel valued as fellow teammates.

Next Steps

The final way to make sure your church admin duties are successful is by ensuring they have the resources they need to make their job a success. Sharefaith has church graphics, websites, mobile apps, tithing and donation software, and Sunday School and family devotions to help get the job done. Check it out today!

Don’t let Professional Administrators’ Day be the only day to celebrate those who work hard around you! Try reminding your team of their value on occasions such as their birthdays, specific holidays, and other key events happening at your church. They are important to your team and make your life easier as a fellow staff member.

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