Guitars for Glory is an organization unlike any other. Their mission, to put guitars and instruments in the hands of churches, schools, missionaries and orphanages around the world. Their hope is to enhance and build up worship leaders within these communities. They recently released a short documentary of their travel through Spain and it is filled with so many powerful stories and testimonies. It is a must-watch for any worship leader and helps us keep a perspective of what truly matters.

Guitars For Glory Spain 2017

Though our team differs a bit each year, the majority of us had a recent mission to Belize in the back of our minds – the challenges faced as well as the charm of a people with hearts for worship of the Resurrected One. And without knowing exactly why, we were sure this journey would be quite different – a modest projection of what we were about to experience.

Bethany Missionary School is unassumingly nestled on the outskirts of Alicante, Spain, where stucco walls and a humble gate nearly convince you nothing miraculous is going on just beyond. It’s as you step inside, you begin to feel the Spirit’s presence, see the Son’s joy, and hear the Father’s praise. A called-out people of eleven different countries gathered to empty themselves for the greater purpose of a higher Kingdom. For the next nine days, Guitars for Glory would learn as much as we came to teach.

Each morning began with a time of musical worship, harmonizing Heaven as the nations joined in one voice before the King. Prayers were both sung and whispered as hands were held high and hearts were laid low in sacrifice and surrender. The Scriptures were then opened, rinsing our minds of lies and filling our souls with truth. Yes, this was His Bride and she was beautiful.

Afternoon offerings were sessions on prayer, identity, and musical instruction in the contexts of community, sincerity and conversation. Each day offered new depth as relationships dared to be real. Stories of worlds away were defying cultural contexts and lingual limitations to point to the God who fashioned each of us. We were notes in His song. And this composition was one we’d never heard before.

Evenings varied as we flurried with pending preparations, rounded small acoustic performances, or soaked in the salty sea. They also allowed us to connect with our families via FaceTime and phone calls. We would share what we had seen and hear of what we had missed. Our spouses, children, parents and friends are as much a part of the mission as those of us on the ground by way of their sacrifice and surrender. His Bride is indeed beautiful.

As with most activity, time seems to lose its rhythm and we found the closing ceremony was at hand. Another chorus of Heaven erupted from grateful hearts and the students were then encouraged and exhorted to remain steadfast in their vision, conviction, and first love of Jesus. But before our newfound community returned to our homes around the world, Guitars for Glory gifted fourteen instruments to those in need: anointed individuals as well as Bethany Missionary School and El Compello Christian Community, the local evangelical church. These instruments will simply voice the hearts and hands behind them in the adoration and worship of our God.

If you’re reading this and would like to get involved, there are a number of ways to support our not-for-profit ministry. First, you can personally give through our website at You can also make one-time donations or sign up for recurring giving options. Second, you can start your own crowd-funding campaign through our website. Signing up for a campaign will allow you to raise support through your social network. Once you’ve reached your goal, you will see exactly where the guitar your funds supported is placed and be connected with that person. Third, you can purchase Guitars For Glory coffee and other merchandise on our website. Lastly, connect us with your church, have our worship team spend time with your worship team or youth group. We love traveling and spending time with new congregations; worshipping together and sharing about the heart of Guitars For Glory. Our team is completely volunteer-based. All contributions go directly into the placement of instruments and training. All donations are tax deductible as GFG is an official 501c3 organization.

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Now to you, our supporter, our encourager, our confidence, and our friend — Thank You.
Where words fall short, may our sustained action and devotion to this Kingdom mission serve as our statement of gratitude. God has continued to confound us when we compare our expectations to His preparations. May His name continue to be worshiped in hearts around the world as we continue to equip them.

– Matthew Ouellette & Guitars for Glory

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