Get ready for Labor Day weekend with this brand new Labor Day graphics and media bundle for church! This church media bundle comes 12 individual media resources, providing you with everything you need for your Labor Day church service! Check out this bundle and see everything it comes with.

NEW Labor Day Graphics & Media Bundle For Church

Welcome your church congregation and church visitors on Labor Day weekend with this Labor Day graphics bundle as you all celebrate the laborers and hard workers in your community. Also, may we not forget what 1 Corinthians instructs us all to do.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.-1 Corinthians 15:58 New Living Translation

Labor Day Sermon PowerPoint Template

This sermon PowerPoint is perfect for your upcoming Labor Day sermon! With 7 individual slides, including a sermon title slide, welcome slide, announcement/upcoming events slide, 3 blank slide and a goodbye slide. This sermon Powerpoint comes in various formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint SD & UHD 4K, Zip pack containing all of the SD & UHD 4K sides in JPEG format, and the Photoshop file with all the layers included! Fully customize this Labor Day sermon PowerPoint to fit your church’s needs.



Countdown Timer Video

Start off the your Labor Day worship service with this 5 minute church Countdown timer. Your congregation and church vistors on Labor Day weekend will love seeing this patriotic countdown timer, reminding them that service is just about to start. It also serves as a great reminder that your congregation will need to wrap up their conversations with each other and start preparing their hearts for worship! This Labor Day church countdown timer is downloadable in UHD 4K, HD and SD, you’ll have everything you need to start your service off right!

Welcome Video

Welcome your church congregation and vistors on Labor Day weekend with this patriotic Labor Day welcome video! Perfect for dispalying before service, as a call to worship or during announcements, your church will love seeing this welcome video being used. This welcome video comes in UHD 4K, HD, SD and No Text formats, providing you with full customization!

Upcoming Events Video

Announce your upcoming events at your Labor Day church service with this Labor Day upcoming events video. Perfect for showcasing your events before service, during announcements, after service, or create a special events video on Facebook!

Title Motion Graphic

Start off your Labor Day sermon with this Labor Day service motion graphic to help tie in the theme of Labor Day weekend. With formats in UHD 4K, HD, SD and No-text, you’ll be able to use this video with any major worship software and even add your own text to it!

Goodbye Motion Graphic

End your Labor Day church service with this Labor Day goodbye motion graphic, while wishing your church congregation and church visitors to have a great week! Your church will feel encouraged as they leave your service.

Worship Background

Use this matching Labor Day worship background still during your worship service to help tie the theme of your worship songs into your sermon. With various formats in SD & UHD 4K, you’ll be able to use this worship background with any all major worship software, and on your church website!


Cityscape Worship Background Image


Bi-fold Bulletin

Create special Labor Day church bulletins! Your congregation will love receiving these at the door as the walk in! Also, these bulletins serve as great reminders of upcoming events and provide room for taking notes as well! This Labor Day bi-fold bulletin cover comes in all formats: EPS, PNG, JPEG, MS Word, MS Publisher &  No-Text!

Labor Day Church Bulletin Cover



Tri-Fold Bulletin

Create a stunning and trendy looking tri-fold bulletin to go along with your Labor Day church service! Customize this Labor Day church bulletin to fit your needs with formats in MS Word, MS Publisher, No Text and Adobe Photoshop. You can also create a digital version to send out to your members via email or on your church website or church app!


Labor Day Church Tri Fold Bulletin Cover

Church Flyer

Celebrate all the hard workers and laborers in your church with this Labor Day church flyer! Post them around your church building. With formats in MS Word & MS Publisher, you’ll be able to customize this flyer to fit your needs or add your church logo to it and post them in community centers wishing your city to have a great Labor Day weekend!

Labor Day Church Flyer Template

Church Newsletter

This matching Labor Day church newsletter is perfect for your upcoming weekly, monthly or quarterly church newsletter. Not interested in creating a print newsletter? Create a digital newsletter and upload it to your church website, or church mobile app! With formats in Microsoft Word & Publisher, your church will love receiving these professional newsletters!

Labor Day Church Newsletter TemplateLabor Day Church Newsletter TemplateLabor Day Church Newsletter TemplateLabor Day Church Newsletter Template

Church Website Banner

Add this Labor Day website banner to your church website to wish your congregation a Happy Labor Day weekend and invite them to church for your Labor Day worship service! Or, use this to showcase your Labor Day sermon recordings.


Labor Day Church Website Graphic

Download The Entire Labor Day Graphics & Media Bundle Today!


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