One of the greatest joys of a father is serving his family. The more we aim to treat our family like our Father treats us, the better impact we’ll have on them becoming followers of Jesus. As fathers, let’s set the tone early and prepare to enter this Sunday with a grateful heart—even if we add another necktie to our already-full collection.

Best Father’s Day Yet! 6 Tips To Make This Year Count The Most

With these six tips, make this year’s Father’s Day memorable.

Start With No Expectations

Let’s set ourselves up to be grateful and leave alone any expectations we might have about gifts or special treatment. We should each pray about how to exemplify a servant’s heart and make the day centered less around us.

Act On Your Gratitude

Say thank you as much as possible and to everyone, including store clerks, strangers, and friends. Let’s be especially purposeful in thanking our families. Consider taking time to thank God together and voice the reasons why we’re thankful because, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45).

Simple Acts of Kindness

Take up the chores on Sunday. If  your wife normally cooks, makes the bed or cleans the car, do it for her as a surprise. Maybe your kids are at the age where they’re learning to clean their own room every morning. You may not care to clean your kids’ room for them, but you can grant them one messy day. Completing a chore for your spouse or your kids is a great way to show appreciation for what they do. As Proverbs 11:25 says, those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Encourage Thankfulness

For many of us, our children are blessed beyond our childhood experiences. How do we deflect a sense of entitlement? One way is to continually ask then how they are thankful. If we want our children to become generous Christian leaders, they need to learn thankfulness. Father’s Day is a great day to accent this habit.

Be A Pen Pal

Consider writing to your children. Our kids want to know that they have what it takes to reach their goals, to be brave and to persevere. Letters tucked under pillows or in homework folders creates an opportunity to encourage them and point them toward Christ.

Be Present

Let’s commit to keeping the phone out of reach. Let’s consciously choose to focus in the present. Let’s steward our ability time wisely and demonstrate how to listen, react, converse, be present.

We will be amazed by how much better Father’s Day feels when it’s focused on others. We will be more blessed to give than to receive—and your Father’s Day will be more memorable and meaningful because of it.


Dad Jokes Father’s Day Video For Church

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Chris Brown - Father's Day

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