In the land of audio recording and production, you usually go with the best gear, regardless of price tag. For home studio recording artists, “price tag” plays a significant role in deciding what studio gear to purchase. When comparing quality with price, you can build a pretty decent studio with studio monitors like Yamaha, Adam, Mackie or Neumann, but you’ve probably never considered the name Edifier as a viable choice. Well, we’re happy to tell you how Edifier Speakers are some of the best all around monitors that we’ve ever tested, with great sound and build quality at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay.

Edifier Nearfield Audio Monitors – Top Of The Line Audiophile Speakers with a Low Price Tag

Edifier lives up to their expectation as superb multimedia speakers, not just in sound, but in looks, as well. Their speakers are well built with full wood boxes, exceptional design, and the bonus ability to pair with your bluetooth device. Typically, you would rock a pair of these on your bookshelf to impress your friends, but consider the possibility of using these in your studio for video and audio production. In our test, we tried both the R1700 BT at $149.99, as well as the S1000DB at $349.99. Both were immaculate in design, sturdy, with full bluetooth functionality, treble and bass adjustments (-6db to +6db), digital volume control, multi-input source capability, and so much more.

After everyone drooled over the design and quality, it was time to put these speakers to the test, and they did not disappoint, with excellent mid-range, non-exaggerated bass, clear highs and solid tone, overall. Volume? Well, you will not be disappointed here, either. Put these babies on full blast, and you’ll soon wonder why the name Edifier has not crossed your path sooner!

We are always looking for solid products to use in church, for production in audio or video, and love when we run into a brand that lives up to great customer service, exceptional product design and quality, but most importantly, unbelievable pricing!

We highly recommend these beautiful Edifier Speakers for your current, new or upcoming studio setup. You will not be disappointed!


You can find them now, from their site or on Amazon, here:

Edifier R1700BT (Amazing!)

Edifier R1700BT (Amazing!)

Order the Edifier R1700BT from Amazon here.


Edifier S1000DB (Go Big or Go Home)

Edifier S1000DB (Go big or go home)

Order the Edifier S1000 DB from Amazon here.

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