Can you legally change the designation of an offering? What happens if it was designated for a specific purpose, but you need those funds for something else? In this legal alert, The Christian Law Association shares what needs to take place.

Can A Church Change An Offering Designation?

When can a church or ministry change the designation of an offering to suit the needs they have?

With a word of caution for today’s pastors, here’s attorney David Gibbs, Jr. of the Christian Law Association.

A church treasurer contacted the Christian Law Association to be certain that the church had the liberty to spend donations as the pastor and the board saw fit. The church bylaws included a statement that indicated that designated funds could be used for other purposes. The giving envelopes included a similar statement and disclaimer. One of our attorneys at the Christian Law Association pointed out that bylaws are only binding on church members, and not everyone uses giving envelopes. The attorney said that the church would still be bound by the designation if a non-member (for example, a foundation) designated a gift without using an envelope. The church would be required to ask the donor for permission to change the designation in this case. Be sure that if you are going to reuse money for a purpose other than was promised, that you have permission of the donor.


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