Have you thought about using surveillance cameras at your church? A pastor contacted the Christian Law Association with a problem that most small churches struggle with and an attorney was able to provide a solution. We hope this story inspires you and your church and provides insight and offers solutions to what your church might be facing, currently.

Should churches use surveillance cameras?

Legal Insights for Pastors. Here’s a word from attorney, David Gibbs, Jr.

A pastor of a very new church called the Christian Law Association with a problem. He knows having two adults present at all times with children is a safe guard against liability. With such a small congregation, however, having two adults in the room was often difficult. Our attorney suggested considering using surveillance cameras. The law allows property owners, in this case the church, to install and use surveillance cameras on their own property. The church can now have more adults attend the main service and know the children at the church are safe and watched for. If you any questions about the use of surveillance cameras, please call us at Christian Law Association.



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