Say hello to our new church website template entitled “Elevation”, featuring amazing design, layout and awesome church website features. Elevation theme is the latest release in our regular lineup of top church website templates giving church ministries, non-profits, youth groups and worship leaders the easiest and most affordable tool to create and design their own church website in minutes. No joke! When using the Elevation church website template, you simply replace the placeholder content with your own. If you stick with the beautiful black and white imagery and stay within the designed confines of this beautiful church website template, you will have a 5-star church website theme in no-time. Let’s look at all the beautiful features this church website template comes with:

THE HOMEPAGE: Elevation church website template has a stunning homepage. The entire theme of the website template consists of black & white graphics with a shade of green/blue. Stick with this color scheme and layout and your website will look amazing, too. That’s really the trick in any website design. It will look good if you use no more than 3 fonts maximum, and if you pick a color scheme that works really well with 3 leading colors that you extend throughout the church website. That’s why a professional template like this, done by a designer, looks so much better than if the same template was recreated by a non-designer. That’s why it’s called a template. It’s there so you can quickly and easily replace the placeholder content with your own, without having to design anything. The website homepage has a center logo, with 3 menu options on either side. Do not make more than 6 total main navigation menu options. Keep it at three website navigation links on each side and use dropdowns to add additional pages to the menu. Otherwise this template is not for you! Also keep your logo centered and do not place it all the way to the top in the white box. Keep it more towards the bottom. Use the colors from your logo to serve as the colors that you use throughout the theme.


Church Website Template Homepage


MAPS & DIRECTIONS: You’ll see that every primary page has an image header. You can replace it with your own imagery, or use our built-in stock library. If you want to keep things looking beautiful, stay within your color scheme like the template. It is old-fashioned to use a contact form. Simply include your church’s email info in your footer, and don’t clutter your map page with anything else. Everything is in the same shade of blue. If you are a more advanced user, you can easily do this by first converting your image to black and white and then applying a gradient blue shade as an Overlay effect in Photoshop. Super simple and really beautiful.
Church Website Template Map Directions



WOMEN’S MINISTRY: In the same way as the map page, we used a feminine image header, done in the same style. It contains a main title, some text and then you can include any item you want. This template, for example, suggests some women’s studies, information and perhaps a video or two.


Church Website Template Women's Ministry


TITHING & DONATIONS: What church website is complete without tithing and donations? Yes, with Sharefaith, it’s integrated and free with your membership. Look how amazing it looks. Again, we used a relevant image header, gave it a title, subtitle and some information, and then jumped right into the tithing form. Are you loving this church website template, yet?


Church Website Template Giving and Donations


AUDIO SERMONS AND TEACHING: Building and creating your own playlist or audio section with unique album art and sermon info is literally a breeze! This church website template makes having a beautiful playlist quick and easy. Once again, you can leave the player as is and simply add your own audio and album art, or you could switch to a darker colored theme.


Church Website Template Sermon Audio Player


ABOUT US – STAFF & VISION: Seriously! Stop having a page dedicated to every single thing you can think on. There is no need to have a page of every staff member, as well as a page for your mission, and vision, and statement of faith. Just combine them. Remember, visitors to your website are most likely coming here to get a glance, and with a five second memory span, no users are going to read everything. Just show what is needed. Stick with the About Us design of this Elevation church website template.


Church Website Template Staff About Us Page


MEN’S MINISTRY: Looking sharp! This stacked wood pile made a great feature image for this page and, once again, you have a main title, subtitle and some information. Here you can list some of the bible studies the guys are doing, a few videos or anything you want. Keep it clean and keep it simple! Do not clutter!


Church Website Template Men's Ministry


CHURCH VIDEO & LIVE CAST: This is going to be a very popular page on your website, and that is why we designed this church website template to feature a unique video page. Now, do not upload your videos to your site, itself. You can, but it’s not worth it, since YouTube and Vimeo will host your videos for free, give unlimited bandwidth and make adding your videos into your page a breeze. Simply upload to YouTube and copy and paste the URL or embed code into this church website template and BOOM, your videos are there. Now you also have a YouTube channel which makes circulation of your Gospel message even greater!


Church Website Template Video and Live Stream


CALENDAR & EVENTS: Do not neglect this page! This is super important. We use Google Calendars, and you should, too! It’s simple and our church website editor lets you customize it to your heart’s content. Again, keep within a color scheme that fits the template and refrain from using rainbow colors. Make sure all your events and times are listed and folks can even get added to your calendar so they can see the events as they happen.


Church Website Template Calendar and Events


KIDS MINISTRY AND SUNDAY SCHOOL: This page on your church website is also very important. If you have couples with kids, they will go here first to see what facilities there are, and what the kids will be doing. Do not make it look bad. Again, keep within the color scheme, use the same method of title, subtitle and paragraph with some additional info. Use one column or two columns and for the love of all text, keep your paragraph text the same color and size across every page on your site. This will look amazing!


Church Website Template Kids Ministry Page


YOUTH & YOUNG ADULT: You can add as many sub-pages to your primary Navigation Pages as you’d like. Just keep within the theme, with nice page headers and titles, subtitles and content, as was done in other parts of this church website template. Your young adult and youth pages can be separate, but make it fun, and again, make it stylish. To do so, prevent from using too many colors and do not design using fonts inside the editor. Design using a design tool. Which, because this template is already awesome, you should not have to bother with.
Church Website Template Youth Ministry Page



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