Sharefaith has been the go-to provider for sermon and worship media for years, including worship video backgrounds and worship video loops! Recently, we sent a team across Southern Oregon to capture the beauty of God’s creation and create a massive waterfall video and motion background collection! These waterfall backgrounds are simply breathtaking! Don’t just take our word for it, we have included all 20 of these UHD 4K waterfall backgrounds below. So take a few minutes and be wowed by God’s majestic creation of such waterfalls like Toketee Falls, Watson Falls and many more waterfalls located throughout the beautiful state of Oregon!

Top 20 Waterfall Backgrounds


  1. Cascading Waterfall Video Background

  2. Base of the Waterfall Video Background

  3. Nature Waterfall Video Loop

  4. Flowing Waterfall Motion Background

  5. Waterfall Background: Majestic Oregon Waterfall

  6. Towering Waterfall Video Background

  7. Roaring Waterfall Video Background

  8. Streaming Waterfall Video Loop

  9. Rushing Waterfall Video Background

  10. River Stream Waterfall Video Loop

  11. River Rock Waterfall Motion Background

  12. Boulder Waterfall Video Background

  13. Cascading Mist Waterfall Video Background

  14. Endless Waterfall Video Loop

  15. Gorge Waterfall Motion Background

  16. Magnificent Waterfall Video Background

  17. Mighty Waterfall Video Loop

  18. Misty Waterfall Video Loop

  19. Powerful Waterfall Video Loop

  20. Mountain Waterfall Video Background


All of these waterfall backgrounds and motion backgrounds are part of our waterfall collection set with 20 videos, all filmed in 4K UHD resolution, around various locations in Southern Oregon. View all our waterfall videos and motion backgrounds.

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