Light can be used to build presence and anticipation. You can set themes and work transitions through lighting design. We’ve listed 10 Church lighting system providers to review in your search for a new system or to compliment and add in with your current design. All of these Church lighting system providers primarily service churches. But some service organizations and other service for-profit companies as well. 

Top 10 Church Lighting System Providers

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AE Production

“Lighting is a tool that can be used to inspire people in worship. We design for the system that will fit your vision and give impact to your ministry. Lighting also plays a large part in the way people feel about their environment. Not all lighting has the same effect.  Fluorescent, for example, does not have as positive of an effect as do incandescent. This is because of the color temperature of the light that is emitted from the fixture. Standard fluorescent fixtures can make people of light skin look like they have elevated blood pressure or are angry.  It is all about foot candle and color temperature.”

AE Prodiction - Church lighting system providers


Elation Professional

“Elation Lighting is one of the leaders in church lighting system providers. Offering a variety of different products and services, Elation Lighting is a member of NACDB, the National Association of Church Design Builders. With the best in new technology, Elation Lighting will work with you to make sure all of your needs are met.”

Elation professional - Church lighting system providers for design


4Wall Lighting

“The 4Wall Systems & Design team brings experience and vision together to create lighting systems that are at the forefront of sustainable lighting. We provide design, fabrication, integration, and project management services for permanent installations of any size.”

4 Wall Lighting - Church lighting system design providers


Elpis Productions

“Our main goal of the church project is to provide most effective Audio, Video, Lighting solution within client’s budget. We work closely with the client and always provide right service and outcome.”

Elpise Productions - A/V church system design providers



“It is our vision for Provision AVS to be a part of God’s provision to his Church. We encourage churches to view technology as a tool that facilitates their mission by enhancing the spoken word, clarifying and amplifying worship, and serving God’s Kingdom.  We seek to be in a ministry relationship from design conception, through building, final integration, testing, and training.”

Provision - Church lighting system providers




“Lighting can vary from minimalistic to complex moving lights with all the techno effects available on the market. At SystemMax AVL we work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Our experience & knowledge spans the full spectrum of lighting and our dedication to customer service & creative solutions sets us apart.”



LD Systems

“Whether the venue seats 50 or 5000, the focus of a worship system is to make sure the message is delivered and received clearly. Over the years, LD Systems has worked with numerous houses of worship and top design consultants to provide audio video equipment systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each venue.”

LD Systems - church lighting system providers


Production Unlimited

“Whether you are looking for a single light fixture or a complete system, we can help you create the lighting you desire. We have an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician on staff, and our long-term relationships with companies such as ETC, SSRC and Lycian Stage Lighting, allow us to work closely with both manufacturer and client to design a space that is practical but striking.”

Production Unlimited - church lighting system providers


Church Interiors Inc

“Traditional & contemporary performance lighting featuring LED and robotic Instruments. Each system is designed for the individual sanctuary and worship style. CIAv is an authorized dealer for all major brands of sound, video and lighting. Installation, training, and service are provided by our team of certified technicians during your renovations.”

Church Interiors Inc. - church lighting system providers


Advanced Lighting and Sound

“Advanced Lighting & Sound is a total audio,video and lighting systems integrator. We have been supplying quality engineered systems for Houses of Worship, Entertainment, Education, Communication and the Arts since 1983. Located in Troy, Michigan, our team  has been handpicked because of their unique experiences in theatrical and architectural lighting design and control, engineered sound systems, video production and display systems.”

Advanced - church lighting system providers

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