If you are a worship leader there is only one thing can you be certain of: at some point you will make a mistake, or two, or a dozen! Here are some of my best and worst mistakes. My hope is that you will find affirmation, comfort, and even resolve in the ones you too have made and perhaps be able to avoid the ones that you have yet to make.

10 Mistakes All Worship Leaders Make

As Worship Leaders, you can you be certain of one thing: At some point you will make a mistake... Click To Tweet

Taking anything or anyone for granted

We can get tunnel visioned in our desire to do our best for God and the church. There can come a point when we pick our head up and look around only to find something or someone is gone! You aren’t sure how or when they slipped away, but they did. Always maintain a healthy level of attentiveness.


Not listening to your critics

People will say, “Don’t listen to them, they just like to gripe.” That may be true, but some of those critics occasionally get it right. If all you ever hear are the compliments you will get a distorted view of your ministry. Truly listening to critics may help you avoid a major pitfall down the road.


Not listening to your supporters

This can be a very lonely ministry and it can be easy to get down on yourself over seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Don’t ignore real support just because you think you know better.


Trying to do it all yourself

I have been a “one person worship department” more than once in my career. It may seem easier just to “do it yourself” rather than seek help. The problem is you take too much on yourself and you also do not provide opportunity for others to serve.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

An old proverb but a true one. Sure, you can wing it and fool some people, maybe even yourself, into thinking you have everything under control. Eventually your ability to “improvise” will catch up to you and you will schedule yourself to play keys, guitar, AND drums, all on the same Sunday! Happened to me, more than once!


Forgetting the audience

No, I don’t mean the congregation. If anything they can become your focal point so much so you lose sight of for whom worship is intended. Yes, the congregation, the pastor, the band, the choir, all are important. But if we fail to tell God’s story for God’s glory then what have we accomplished?


Not taking any time off

Along the same lines of doing it all yourself is never getting away. The saying “Sunday’s Coming” can very quickly take over your life. No matter how hard it may seem to get a Sunday off, not taking time off will burn you out very quickly.


Always looking at the grass on the other side of the fence

Exodus 20:17 is not just for other people. We worship leaders seem to have a knack for finding the church that has the things we wish we had at our church and wanting them for ourselves. God has called you to minister to your church at this time. Pour yourself into your ministry for God’s glory.


Giving yourself too much or too little credit

It is a fine line we walk as leaders. Yes, we should give God the Glory. However, people want to acknowledge those who lead well.  Allow the words of others to lift you up as God touches them through your ministry, but always give proper credit where it is due.


“Don’t rest on your laurels, they will wilt on your head!”

In ancient Greece the winner of a contest would have a live, green laurel wreath placed on their heads. Eventually the laurel would wilt and was a sign that it was time to step up to the next accomplishment. Keep innovating, growing, challenging and reaching for the best God has to offer.


These are a few of mine. I am sure you have some of your own. Why not share in the comments section below and let’s all learn from each other.

About The Author

Dr. Craig Gilbert is the founder of TheWorshipDoctor.com, a worship renewal ministry. He is a husband, father, and veteran worship leader with over 22 years of experience. His career centers around bringing unity, depth and vibrancy to the church in congregational worship. He is a published writer, clinician, teacher, and preacher. His newly released DVD teaching series, A Purposed Heart for the Purpose of Worship, can be found on his website.

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