With Christmas around the corner, take a look at these amazing Christmas Tri-Fold bulletin templates for church. Easy to download, customize and print. Now that your plans for the best Christmas Eve service are in the bag, you can promote the event using these top Christmas tri-fold church bulletins that come in a variety of designs, colors and scenery. Make this 25th of December a day to remember and do a great build-up to your Christmas Eve service with regular Christmas tri-fold handouts.

  1. Let Your Light Shine

The festive glow presenting the evergreen wreath on the face of this church Christmas tri-fold bulletin declares a Merry Christmas!

Let Your Light Shine Tri-Fold

  1. Son of the Most High

In this folksy design see the story of Christ’s birth as a bright introduction to the Christmas service on this Christmas tri-fold church bulletin.

Son of the Most High Tri-Fold

  1. The Prophecy Fulfilled

The mysteries of the universe nicely introduce the mysteries of prophecy on this supportive ministry Christmas tri-fold bulletin for church.

Jesus The Prophecy Fulfilled Tri-Fold

  1. Winter Retreat

In dueling colors of warm and cool, the snowy scene on the face of this church tri-fold bulletin presents light to the world.

Winter Retreat Tri-Fold

  1. Glory in the Highest

Present the Christmas Story in full color on the face of this Christmas tri-fold church bulletin.

Glory in the Highest Tri-Fold

  1. King of Kings

Bid a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the brilliant holiday design on the cover of this religious Christmas tri-fold bulletin.

King of Kings Tri-Fold

  1. Follow His Star

The cool mystery captured on the face of this religious tri-fold church bulletin heralds the coming King this Christmas season.

Follow His Star Tri-Fold

  1. The Gift of Christmas

In Christmas card style and holiday sentiment, wish a very Merry Christmas with the support of this colorful Christmas tri-fold bulletin.

The Gift of Christmas Tri-Fold

  1. Candlelight Service

The warm contrast of soft burning candles and dark quiet make this church tri-fold bulletin the perfect choice for your upcoming evening Advent service.

Candlelight Service Tri-Fold

  1. God’s Gift to Us

One bright star on a lonely manger scene, present the Christmas story in quiet colors on this Christmas religious tri-fold bulletin.

Gods Gift to Us Tri-Fold

Sharefaith provides several thousands of Christmas church graphics. You may want a church Christmas video, church Christmas bulletin cover or even a Christmas worship background. Check out these additional Christmas graphics: Christmas Church Bulletins or Christmas Church PowerPoint Graphics. They all match and create a gorgeous branded Christmas effort.

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