The top Christian financial organizations that comprise this list show one or more of the following attributes: wide-spread influence, contemporary website, continued and current activity, and relevant services and resources. This list of financial services companies considers a wide range of categories including personal, business and management financial advice; frugal and content living; Christian-based boot camps and series courses; credit help; and financial services network memberships and accreditation. Read the Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations.

Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations

1. Crown Financial Ministries

Founded: 1976

Crown Financial Ministries includes MoneyLife® Broadcasts and featured posts; financial tools including mortgage, savings and auto loan calculators; career and business tools; financial assessment; and a host of other valuable resources.


2. Dave Ramsey

Founded: 1992 (The Lampoon Group)

Live the debt-free life! Here’s the place to find endorsed local providers in investing, real estate, insurance, and tax service; sign up for business and management conferences, podcasts and events; purchase course series for adults and kids; and access resources for budgeting and paying off debt.


3. Bible Money Matters

Founded: 2008

With a following community of over 6,900 people who want to “give more, save more and live more”, Bible Money Matters provides fresh insight on financial affairs, tips from finance experts, coaching and encouragement, inspiration, and many helpful resources.


4. Christian Personal Finance

Founded: 2007

The website representing the Christian Personal Finance Organization is well organized and easy to navigate, and boasts over 22 million visitors. ChristianPF is a resource to get “practical tips, biblical revelation, and wisdom about how to handle your money so you can have more of it!”—and of course, more to give.


5. Trinity Credit


Founded: 1994
Trinity Credit has been around a long time helping thousands to restore and improve their credit by providing debt relief assistance, help with negotiating down balances, credit repair, housing counseling, and student loan advice.


6. The Frugal Girl


Here is where you can glean frugal living advice—basically how to be content and make the most of what you have. This site includes DIY projects that save you time and money, repurposing projects, and even frugal decorating ideas. The author, “Kristen”, is “passionate about green living, food waste, and buying super high-quality things that last…” and she includes “picture-filled posts about the practical, day-to-day ins and outs of frugal living.”


7. Ministry Watch

Founded: 2000

Ministry Watch supports financial donor’s need for transparency by providing information about various ministries. It lets people know how their money is going to be used based on how it has been used in the past and how religious organizations values hold up to their own; this also keeps ministries accountable for the way they spend money. Ministry Watch informs supporters about how efficient and effective these ministries are in their operations and how well they are adhering to best practices. Not only does Ministry Watch profile and report on public charities and churches as a communication outlet, they also exist as a resource on topics dealing with finance management and stewardship.


8. Christian Assistance Ministry

Founded: 1977

Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) seeks to meet people’s physical needs by providing clothing, groceries, lunches, and school supplies, and also by advocating with other agencies for longer-term support. CAM also exists to provide emotional and spiritual support through sharing the love of Christ and lending encouragement and hope to those who are discouraged.


9. Kingdom Advisors

Founded: 1997

Kingdom Advisors, formerly known as Christian Financial Professionals Network (CFPN), is a community of financial professionals who seek to understand biblical wisdom in handling finance and integrate that wisdom into business practices.


10. Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Founded: 1976

ECFA provides accreditation to Christian nonprofit organizations that are able to demonstrate compliance with a set of established standards, including the items contained in what is called the Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship. Showing adherence to these standards through accreditation significantly boosts the confidence of potential donors.

As with any top 10 list, this could include more than a dozen other Christian financial help organizations but what all the contenders hold in common is their commitment to biblical principles and their desire to serve their communities with sound financial advice, information, resources and/or services. What I have observed as relevant and helpful might not have the same impact on another person seeking financial advice. Do you have a different Top 10 Christian Based Financial Help Organizations? If so, please let us know!


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