In the heart of every person, regardless of faith, nationality, race, or creed, is a desire for peace. Yet peace, regardless of how earnestly we desire it, seems elusive. Perhaps the reason why peace seems impossible is because we’re looking for the wrong kind of peace. Jesus told his disciples that he would give peace, but “not as the world gives.”

Bridges for Peace is one organization that that prays and pursues the kind of peace that Christ promised.

What is Bridges for Peace?
Bridges for Peace isn’t your typical peace seeking organization. Their focus — peace and understanding between Christians and Jews — helps the global Christian community gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Jewish community.

The organization was founded in 1976 with a vision to help Christians to better support Israel, understand their biblical responsibility, and carry out that responsibility with confidence and hope.

For generations, Jews have had to endure the misunderstanding of their place in world history and biblical revelation. Through the programs of Bridges of Peace, Christians can gain a new level of understanding. Bridges for Peace and their ministry of reconciliation has a variety of programs that counters anti-semitism and supports the Jewish people.


What does Bridges for Peace do?
It’s not enough to simply plead for peace, especially in such a volatile area of the world as Jerusalem. It is important to pray and work for peace. That is precisely what Bridges for Peace does through the following programs.

  • InformationDispatch from Jerusalem. Bridges for peace publishes a newsletter once every other month, to help Christians understand biblical prophecy and God’s redemptive work going on in Israel right now.
  • Proclamation:  Israel Teaching Letter. An additional information-packed publication shares in-depth teaching from the Scripture. This teaching letter goes below the surface, uncovering the depth of Hebraisms and cultural motifs in the Scripture.
  • Prayer: Chai Night Prayer and Study Groups. All around the world, Christians have formed prayer groups due to the inspiration and guidance of Bridges for Peace. These monthly prayer meetings focus on Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6 tells us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” It is in the spirit of obedience to this injunction that Christians gather to lift up the many needs of their Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Education and Awareness: Bridge-Building Projects. Bridges for Peace sponsors a wide array of programs that unify Jews and Christians. These projects include Hebrew language classes, awareness programs, Jewish speakers, focused Bible study sessions, and special film series.
  • Social Justice: Operation Ezra. Providing hands-on ministry, Operation Ezra does what the Old Testament trailblazer Ezra did — gives, works, helps, and benefits others. Operation Ezra coordinates gifts of money, materials, and food for needy children, the elderly, and families in Israel.
  • Immigration Assistance: Project Rescue/Project Tikvah (Hope). There are thousands of Jews all around the world who desire to return to their homeland. Project Tikvah helps the people of the Diaspora return to Israel. Providing information, support, and monetary gifts for the cost of passports and visas, Project Tikvah is providing a service unlike any other.
  • Service: Short Term Ministry Opportunities. Bridges for Peace helps others give of their time and expertise. Bridges for Peace provides oversight and organization for these short term trips.
  • Bible Study Tours: Each year, thousands of people visit the Holy Land to see famous sites of biblical significance. Bridges for Peace provides guided Bible Study tours to not only allow Christians to see these locations, but to also to share instruction in the locations significance, archeology, history, and connection with current events.

Bridges for Peace and Zealous 8:2
Zealous 8:2 is the young adult ministry of Bridges for Peace. The name of the organization comes from Zechariah 8:2 in the Old Testament.

“I am zealous for Zion with great zeal; With great fervor I am zealous for her.”

The verse describes the sentiment of both Bridges for Peace and this unique ministry arm. God calls Christians to be active participants in his global plan, not passive spectators. Harnessing the energy and zeal of young people, Zealous8:2 organizes young people into tour groups who get an up-close look at locations throughout the Holy Land. A tour is an opportunity to walk through the Bible and see, in person, some of the most powerful landmark sites spoken about in the Bible. The tour will take you to a number of places that will allow you to experience first-hand what it felt like to walk where Jesus walked.


Zealous tours are more than sightseeing. Young people have a chance to put their faith in action through hands-on involvement in the lives of fellow believers. Zealous provides a unique opportunity for young people to get involved in the ongoing ministry in Israel while teaching about some of the most powerful aspects of Jesus’ ministry.


Zealous bring young adults to Israel to walk where Jesus and His disciples walked and proved a hands-on experience to the kingdom. Participants serve, learn, teach, absorb their surroundings in Israel. For more information on Zealous tours, including 2015 tours, please view the tours page on the Zealous website.


Bridges for Peace has been making an impact for God’s kingdom for years. With continued support and participation, it will continue to do so. May we pray, along with the psalmist (Psalm 122:6) Bridges for Peace, “for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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