There will be many times when you don’t lead worship with a larger team. Leading solo at a Bible study, youth event, or camp may require just a guitar and some percussion. But sometimes a mic, some portable speakers, and these three little tools could make you sound great while keeping a professional feel during your acoustic worship approach. These may not be brand new, but we’ve heard so many good things about them that we now think they should be in the arsenal of every worship leader:


mm_450x450px1. TC Helicon Mic Mechanic: 
Want great vocals with complete reverb control? This little unit shines bright and has become an essential little instrument in the arsenal of many worship leaders. With Mic Mechanic, you get tried and true combinations of the Reverbs and Delays from TC Helicons renowned VoiceLive series. These are classic sounds designed to enhance and complement the natural timbre of your voice, making Mic Mechanic the direct response to the singers who say “I don’t want to change my voice. I just want to sound great”. It combines professional reverb, delay on tap, pitch correction and adaptive tone. Steady on the pitch correction! You still have to sing in pitch to some extent for this to sound natural. Priced at $129. Check it out here


mainstage2.  MainStage 3 
You’ll be surprised how many folks have never used or heard of MainStage. There’s no need to sling around heavy synthesizers when you can have a basic keyboard controller and use MainStage with its great free default library of sounds. The best part is you can use endless sound libraries with it, and it’s priced at only $29. You can be a keyboardist, guitarist or create your own band on demand. It’s a total performance package that you’ll love. Get it in the Mac App store



3. Bose L1 Compact System Speaker
This little powerhouse is amazing. It’s one speaker with an accompanying sub-woofer. You don’t ever have to carry around a dual speaker system with a control board again. A single upright speaker system that delivers wide stereo performance is all you need for your solo or small worship events. It sounds amazing and comes with many accessories. Priced at $999.95, you’ll get your money’s worth and more! Learn more

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