A church mobile app is like a website on steroids. Its outreach potential is very powerful, given the adoption rate of mobile phones and tablets among churchgoers. Usually, a church mobile app serves a great need for sharing sermons, events and perhaps even daily devotional encouragement, yet it also has a great advantage for worship leaders. Here’re five ways a church mobile app can benefit a worship leader.

5 Ways Worship Leaders Benefit From a Church Mobile App

1. Training and Encouraging The Congregation in Spiritual Warfare Through Worship

Worship is powerful. It’s a direct weapon in spiritual warfare that can turn the spiritual atmosphere and tide. Worship leaders can all attest to this! Apart from leading worship on Sundays or Wednesday nights, your job could also have a far greater impact if you start to teach, encourage and show the congregation how to use worship as a means to combat depression, anxiety, fear, and discouragement. You can do this through your church mobile app. Simply start a weekly devotional that covers this topic. Encourage your congregation to download your church app and use it for this purpose as well.


2. Raising Funds For Your Next Worship Music Project

You may be part of a powerful worship team, but your church lacks the funds to designate a budget so your team could record an album; not so you can get famous and say you made a record, but so that you can share your beautiful worship with everyone! Your church mobile app gives you the ability to enable online tithing. Create a project funding report and share with the congregation on Sunday what your plans are. Involve them in it and perhaps give them a glimpse of all the wonderful music you want to record and then ask them to use the church mobile app to donate. You can even have the tithing option designate that it should go to the worship fund. Imagine how unified the church will feel if they all contributed a little to your project. It’s a team project now! You can use the same principle to raise funds for gear.


3. Sell or Make Available Your Finished Worship Album To Your Congregation First!

When you are done recording, mixing and mastering your album and the cover and booklet have been designed, your next step could be to make it available on your church mobile app first. You can sell it thereby directing folks to your website, or you can make it available for free. You can even have a pre-launch of the album just to your congregation using your church mobile app. Imagine how exciting this can be to do a countdown to your next worship album project and have the congregation eagerly anticipate it. Then again, since your church mobile app is free, it can result in a much greater audience to share the Gospel with.


4. Teach Your Congregation New Songs

When you are introducing new songs, it could be much more beneficial to do so on your church mobile app first, rather than just doing it live on a Sunday morning. This way, you can tell the congregation beforehand that there is new music on the app that you’d like them to listen to and learn. Then give it a few weeks and play it live on the main Sunday service. Then everyone should know it! Imagine the possibilities here for major services like Easter or Christmas, where you may have unique songs that you’d like to introduce. You can do this far in advance and have a much more engaged congregation than before!


5. Introduce The Worship Team To the Congregation

I bet few people in your congregation actually know the worship team. Perhaps you are so big that you have a consistent revolving of singers and instrumentalists. Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to know who you are seeing on stage on Sundays. A wonderful example could be to have a church mobile app post dedicated to this cause. Introduce each singer, give a little testimony and background and have each worship team member give their favorite Bible Scripture. Next time when the team is on stage leading, the congregation will feel a bigger sense of familiarity towards them.


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