This carefully selected list is not limited to standard ranking, but also based on the actual benefits each contributes and their ability to draw an audience into a worthwhile conversation. They were decided on their expertise to produce sound, meaningful and relevant content; and their accessibility despite wearing the many hats popularity tends to demand. Here is my list, the Top 15 Christian Female Bloggers:

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Top 15 Christian Female Bloggers

Heidi St John

She’s been called the Super Mom of Homeschooling, and with good reason. In addition to her conference speaking schedule, founding the First Class co-ops support programs, authoring books and a devotional series, and blogging, she is responsible for homeschooling her own seven children. A couple years ago I had the pleasure of reading her book “The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance” and since then have been getting reacquainted with this longtime friend through social networking, blog entries, and radio interviews.


Elyse Fitzpatrick

“No fluff. No brick. Just Good News”. Elyse writes and speaks with wisdom and clarity; she makes the Gospel come alive in everyday life. I have had the privilege of observing her personally while in the same church fellowship; she has a commanding personality and a great sense of humor. She is the author of 18 books and co-authored one with her daughter, Jessica Thomson. She is also a conference speaker, and contributing author in a variety of publications, and director of Woman Helping Woman Ministries.


Kristin Welch

This site contains one the most widely read Christian faith blogs in the world. I can see why. There are millions of moms all over the planet who feel alone and devoid of purpose. She encourages her readers to look beyond seeking their own happiness and comfort to being shaken from the short sidedness of self to the great riches found in loving God and others. Kristin is a founding member of the Mercy House, a home for pregnant moms in Kenya, and she is a true example of what being a servant of mercy is all about.


Mary Fairchild

I run into this woman all the time online, mainly from her contributions on She is always on top of the hot topics of today – the stuff everyone is asking; from “Basic Christian Beliefs” to “Prayers for Every Need”. I appreciate her scholarly approach to both real-life questions as well as the more theologically rich topics. She has become a great resource for me as well as an inspiration.


Kelly Minter

I was introduced to this blogger through another high-profile blog site. What lured me over to her domain was her amazing insight. In a recent post, she compared and contrasted Moses the self-appointed judge versus Moses the God-appointed deliverer. She drew the correlation of how we are called into the more difficult process of delivering, as opposed to the “five seconds and none of your heart…” method of judging. She lovingly challenges in every post and always leaves you with something to think about.


Lysa TerKeurst

It’s not just that Lysa’s blog averages over 80,000 readers per month, her posts are skillfully crafted,  practical, authentic and encouraging. She is the president of Proverbs 31 ministries, an advocate for orphans, magazine contributor, author of 16 books, and has published in multiple other publications – that’s just to name a few of her credentials.


Margaret Feinberg

This author, Bible teacher and speaker present in a way that is personally engaging and sincerely motivating. Margaret prefaces her biblical advice with firsthand examples to help her readers identify and find encouragement.


Mary DeMuth

Mary mentions 1 Corinthians 1: 26-29 in her bio and how the key emphasis for her in that passage is: “He chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them to bring to nothing that the world considers important.” She proclaims this truth as the heart and soul of her message.


Felicity Dale

She is an advocate for women, plain and simple, and her writing reflects this. I get where she is coming from; it is true that many limitations woman experience in the church today have been imposed by well-meaning church leaders who have relied on comfortable doctrine, and not necessarily the result of seeking out thorough context. Felicity runs the extra mile to uncover in scripture what many before her have either ignored or didn’t find important enough to pursue. I see this blog as an honest journey to challenge the status quo and ensure that women are able to fulfill their absolute potential. Although I am not convinced that some of her conclusions are more than mere conjecture and sometimes a bit contrived, I am nonetheless intrigued and will continue to give her work consideration.


Sarah Cunningham

I like that she is accessible, if you write to her she’ll communicate back. She is a beautiful writer, a true master of words; once you start reading one of her blog posts, you can’t stop. She hasn’t posted an entry since February 12, but you can find more of her work at the Huffington Post where she frequently contributes; and if you want even more of her perspective, she is also the author of five books.


Jenni Catron

I included her due to her general recognition as a leading influence in reshaping church leadership. I can identify with the “schizophrenia tomboy”, cultivating “girl” but refining confident and driven, and beating down stereotypes. I am not sure about her position doctrinally, as I am new to her work, but she most definitely owns a sphere of influence, so I give her a place in my top 15.


Christine Caine

She is a passionate evangelist for the Gospel as displayed in word and deed. In addition to blogging, she is an author and international speaker and cohort of the A21 Campaign organization founded by her and her husband against the injustice of human trafficking. Her blogging consists of contributions to her own A21 Campaign website as well as devotional entries in her “First Things First” series.


Sheree Decouto

She used to be a hairstylist, so she’s well acquainted with hearing people’s struggles; however, transitioning into ministry she noticed Christian women don’t often feel like they can speak so candidly. Her blog is a successful effort to delve into the heart issues that women face and provide a safe place for open communication. Her diverse gifting makes her very relatable and her honesty and transparency give life to the words in her blog


Pricilla Shirer

I am not sure if it’s her own glowing posts, or if it’s the contributions of her carefully selected guests that makes her blog stand out. Either way, it is full of insight, encouragement, and love.


Wendy van Eyck

I’m learning to love well, run well and read well. I’m married to Xylon – a man who talks non-stop about cycling – and makes me laugh. I write for anyone who has ever held a loved one’s hand through illness, or believed in God despite hard circumstances or ever left on a spontaneous 2-week holiday through a foreign land with just a backpack.



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