Today’s pastors are mobile-carrying, app-using, tech-savvy people. Technology gives us tools to make the best use of our time and resources. As a result, pastors can be more effective in their daily tasks. Here are some of the best apps for pastors today. All of them are available for both Android and iPhone users.

Since seven is a nice biblical sort of number, here are the best seven apps that pastors should be using.

7 Essential Apps for Pastors

1. EvernoteEvernote-1
Never forget anything, ever. Evernote’s slogan is “Remember everything,” and that’s pretty much what Evernote does. Since I became a user three years ago, I have shredded virtually my entire paper existence and relied on the cloud power of the searchable, mobile, and expansive database that is Evernote.

Many pastors use Evernote for storing sermon illustrations, as described in this article. Evernote makes the task simple. There is no shortage of cloud-based softwares to keep your documents, store your thoughts, scan your files, and maintain everything you want to remember. But Evernote is different by virtue of its sheer organization, incredible power, and mobile ubiquity.

Evernote’s app is second to none for keeping all your information exactly where and when you need it. Furthermore, if you’re into preaching from your mobile device, Evernote makes that easy with their new Presentation Mode for notes. Imagine — always having your entire sermon library right on your mobile! Not only will you never forget anything, but you’ll also never forget to bring your sermon notes with you when you preach.

Check it out for Android or iOS.


2. LogosLogos
If you’re a user of the powerful Bible software, Logos, then you’re probably plugged into their mobile version, too. Logos Bible Software is the world’s largest Bible research system. The software saves incredible amounts of time by compiling enormous amounts of research into a single place.

The mobile version of Logos obviously lacks all the robust features that are available on the desktop, but it’s still mighty for its size. On your mobile device, you can access any of the resources that are available in your library.

The great thing about Logos is that you can do high-level research while you’re on the go. From complex Greek word studies to light reading on your latest topic of interest, Logos puts it all at your fingertips. Pastors as readers and students have incredible opportunity in this powerful app.

The app is free, and comes with plenty of resources to get you started. If you’re a Logos user with an existing purchased library, you get even more stuff! See Logos for Android or iOS.


3. ESVesv
While I value the capabilities of Logos, I don’t use it for my primary Bible app. The reason for this is because it’s a bit sluggish, and takes a few extra taps to get where I want to go with a Scripture reference.

For most of my Bible reading, or for looking up references, I use the ESV Bible app. It’s lightweight, fast, and has a clean and simple interface. The process of finding references is a lot more intuitive than most Bible programs I’ve used. Plus, it works perfectly for pulpit reading.

The ESV Bible app is available for Android or iPhone users.


4. YouVersionyouversion
The YouVersion is one of the most versatile Bible reading apps available. YouVersion is free, and comes with any translation you could want. I like YouVersion, because it has tons of Bible reading plans to choose from. Not only can you choose or create a plan, but the app also helps you stick to your plan with regular reminders, emails, and even alarms if you want!

Like most Bible programs, YouVersion allows you to make notes, add bookmarks, and explore a variety of translations. Unlike other Bible programs, YouVersion has a full fledged social component, audio recordings of selected versions, and kid’s reading programs and videos for even more content.

Check out the Android version, or the iOS version.


5. Kindlekindle
As a pastor, you’re a reader, at least you want to be/should be/can be/will be. Kindle helps you do it. As the most widespread reading platform, you don’t have to own an actual Kindle device to read books on Kindle. You just need a smartphone.

Since books are cheaper, more portable, easier to read, and way easier to carry around in their electronic format, some pastors are taking down their bookshelves and stocking up on Amazon credit. While you may not be into pawning off your commentaries just yet, you can still profit from using Kindle books.

The Kindle app is easy to use for both Android and iOS devices. Plus, you’ve got access to your entire library as long as you have a fully-charged smartphone with you.


6. Facebook

facebook Need to stay connected with your congregation? The way to do is is through social media, and there’s no better way to stay social than through Facebook. Having Facebook on your phone allows you to stay more connected to people throughout the day.

Many people use Facebook as their de facto email, IM client, and appointment keeper. If you’re not connected by Facebook to these people, you’re in their social periphery. It helps to maintain a solid connection to all people, and it helps to meet them on their turf — whether that turf is virtual or physical.

If you’re into pastoral stalking (in a good way, of course), you can even set up Facebook to send you alerts whenever certain individuals update their status.

Of course, Android and iOS versions are available.


7. Flipboard

Flipboard If you’ve ever wanted to keep up with blogs, news networks, and even social media in one place, you’ve found it. Flipboard is a clean, simple, beautiful way to catch up on all the news and updates that are important to you. The ever-growing and always-active pastoral blogging community loves Flipboard. With all the must-read information in the Christian blogosphere, Flipboard helps to condense it all in a readable way and a portable format.

Check it out for Android or iOS.

Apps are awesome tools for any pastor. What apps do you use?

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