Too often websites, especially Church Websites, fall into the mold of using the same old fonts and never leaving the “Arial/Courier/Times New Roman” crowd. Sometimes the reason is that it’s too difficult to update fonts on the website and the end user has to know a lot of coding. Other times it’s just that custom fonts are not made available or are not possible with many church website providers. Neither of these reasons are the situation with feature-rich church website designs from Sharefaith. Churches have the ability to use virtually any web-font desired on their website. Here are a couple reasons to have custom fonts:

  • Uniqueness: Let’s say you have areas of your church building or environment that make it stand out from the hundreds of churches around you. Why should your web-presence be any difference? With Sharefaith websites you get the freedom to decide how the content on your church website will be displayed.
  • Setting the mood: It’s especially important to set the mood and tone of your church website. For instance, you wouldn’t want an important piece of content like your Statement of Faith to be written in Comic Sans would you? No, of course not.

Take a look at this quick tutorial and see how breezily simple it is to have font-freedom on your Church Website.


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