We could all use a little bit more creativity. Sometimes, our worship presentation gets same ol’, same ol’. It needs a little spice — not old spice, and not sermonspice (wink wink). If you’ve been using that worship presentation template that you created back in 2009, may we suggest introducing some fresh creativity?

Here are some of our favorite creative add-ons that will make your worship presentation look totally new, totally different, totally creative, and totally good.

Moving Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are one of Sharefaith’s best-loved and most-used features. Check out the library, and you’ll find out why. Motion backgrounds are highly appealing due to their intensely visual nature. They provide that subtle motion that prevents Death by PowerPoint and generates interest. If you expect people to stare at a PowerPoint presentation for an hour or two, at least make it interesting. With the amount of variety and style that we’ve got going, you’ll find something that’s perfect for your worship setting and audience.


Scripture everywhere.

We’re big fans of putting verses wherever we can. That’s why, in the latest version of our presentation software, we’ve added several new Bible translations — the New Living Translation, English Standard Version, and Reina-Valera. With these Scripture translations, you can instantly add whole passages from the Bible right into your worship presentation. It only takes a single click. Easily add a memory verse, the passage from which you’re preaching, or the verse from which a song is taken. And, hey, you can use moving backgrounds with Scripture, too!


Triple wide displays.
Lest you thought that a single presentation screen was cutting edge, think again. Allow us to introduce triple wide videos! Sharefaith is one of the innovators in triple wide displays. At one point, it was just the megachurches who knew how to implement extended width presentations into their worship settings, but now the technology is available to anyone with a projector (or three), and a little bit of tech savvy. We’ve designed dozens of these triple wide videos, enabling you to add the ultimate in church presentation power to your own display. Check out these things, and tell us you’re not impressed. Prepare to say hello to a creativity tsunami.


Countdown timers.

What’s not to love about countdown timers? You get the cool factor, the visual interest factor, plus the everyone-actually-gets-to-their-seats-on-time factor, all rolled up into one little countdown timer. Thankfully, with Sharefaith Presenter, the countdown timer is a feature that’s rolled right into the software. You can actually make your own custom countdown timer! This is creativity city!

Transition Video Clips
One of the greatest ways to make the best use of downtime between worship sets or instrument takedown is to use transitional video clips. These short segments, usually around three minutes in length, can pack a lot of inspiration and conviction into a brief time. They’re perfect for sparking interest, preparing for a sermon, or simply reminding people about some aspect of Christian living. Check out our library of sermon video clips for tons of options.


How to Get Your Creative Thing Going

  1. Experiment a lot. Creativity comes when you try new stuff. Don’t be afraid of something just because it’s new or unfamiliar. Instead, make an effort to introduce innovation within the boundaries of biblical principles. Creativity won’t happen unless you’re taking the path less travelled. What’s one thing you can do in your church presentation this weekend that you haven’t done before? Just one little creative idea can start an avalanche of other creative ideas.
  2. Browse the web. When you check out other ministries, church websites, and church media sites, you’ll be inundated with a flood of new ideas, good ideas, bad ideas, and a whole lot more. Some of the church’s most creative people are featuring their work on sites like Sharefaith.com, where you’ll get plenty of ideas to feed your own creativity. If you haven’t checked out Sharefaith in a while, give it a looksee. Chances are good that you’re going to find at least one good idea that you can use in your next church media presentation.

  3. Get ideas from other people. Chances are, there are some really creative people around you, in your own church. Rather than try to drum up creativity on your own account, borrow the brains of people around you. Form an ideas committee, invite ideas, get suggestions, and talk to people in your church. There are a whole lot of people with a whole lot of good ideas, if only we take the time to listen and learn from them. Pick someone right now, shoot them a text or an email, and see if you can elicit some creative ideas that you can put into place this Sunday.


Creativity is inherently good, because God is the ultimate creator and the maker of creativity. Challenge your own creative potential, and put one of these ideas into practice this Sunday. Your church worship presentation is the best place to start.


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