You’re counting down the days until Easter Sunday — the biggest day on the church calendar. Many churches plan months in advance for their Resurrection Sunday services. Whether you’re way ahead in your planning, or are just now preparing, here’s your handy Easter checklist to help get you ready.

Have you prayed for the service? 

True success begins and ends with prayer. God is in control of your service, in control of who comes, and in control of the outcome. Give the day to him.

Have you rehearsed? 

For the average church, the Easter Sunday service is out of the ordinary. Whether it’s new songs, a different order of service, acting or speaking roles, or just an influx of visitors, you want to be prepared for the changes. It’s best to do a dry run three or four times through, to make sure that everyone involved knows what’s going on, when to come up on stage, what to say, and how to make the service flow smoothly.

Have you announced the event?

One of the most important preparations you can make is to announce your event in advance. Use every available media outlet to inform people about your Easter service — religious radio announcements, local TV spots, signage, door hangers, flyers, phone canvassing, church sign, bulletin announcements, etc.

Have you prepared your Easter media? 

Easter services are more impacting and meaningful when they are supplemented by high-quality media. Sharefaith’s famous collection of Easter church media is the perfect place to start in collecting and preparing your Easter videos, sermon PowerPoints, bulletin covers, worship video loops, church flyers, newsletters  and more. If you haven’t done it already, check out Sharefaith’s massive collection of Easter Backgrounds & Church Motion Graphics. Also, check out Sharefaith’s award winning worship software Sharefaith Presenter! Free with every Sharefaith membership, Sharefaith Presenter is the most powerful worship plugin and can vastly improve your Easter media experience.

Will you focus on the resurrection? 

Easter is about the resurrection. There’s a lot going on during the Easter season. It’s easy for a church to become focused on successfully pulling off a problem-free Easter service, but neglect to focus on the resurrection. In the midst of the activity, keep the main thing the main thing. On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the central feature of our faith — Jesus Christ who died for us, who rose for us, and who lives for us today.

Will you speak to the needs and questions of nonbelievers?

This Easter Sunday, all around the country, people will step into a church who may only do so once during the year. What will they hear? What will they see? What will they experience? This may be their only opportunity to hear about Jesus’ death and resurrection. This may be their only chance to hear the gospel. Will you tell them?

Make this Easter the best resurrection event your church has ever had. Obviously, a simple Easter checklist can’t remind you of everything you need to do or say. If nothing else, bathe your resurrection service in prayer. To God be the glory.

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