Ministry is tough work. We plod. We toil. We sweat. We weep. Often, the drudgery can dampen our enthusiasm. Yet one of the most powerful tools that God’s grace gives us is the ability to dream — to plan, imagine, hope, and succeed. God made you a dreamer, and He gives you the strength to see those dreams succeed for Him.

Born to Dream

God created you for a purpose. The fact is, you have a role to fulfill on this earth that no one else can fill but you. God works through frail human beings like you and me. He is honored when we dream big for Him, and work to expand His kingdom.

That’s why he created us to dream. He created us to glorify Him with God-sized dreams and panoramic picture plans. You were born to glorify God, and that kind of glory comes through big dreams.

Dream Bigger

The very word “dream” makes it seem as if our God-sized wish is just a wispy hope of nothingness, something that will surely never happen. In God’s vision, however, big dreams are the stuff of big faith. Big dreams come from a belief in a big God.

God is bigger than your dreams, no matter how insanely difficult you think your dream is. Think about your biggest dream. Then, double it. Double it again. Do it again. You’re still not dreaming big enough.

The bigger your dreams, the bigger chance you have of bringing bigger glory to a big God.

Dream big. God is always bigger.

How to Keep Your Dreams In Line with God’s Will

“But are my dreams God’s will?” you may ask. God has a way of helping us formulate our dreams. There is a simple process you can follow in order to make sure your dreams are in line with God’s will.

  • Dream in the light of an infinite God.
  • Bring your dream to God in prayer.
  • Act on your dream in obedience to God.

Notice how God is involved at every step of this process. Dreaming big is a faith-filled, prayer-guided, action-oriented, God-directed journey. By keeping God involved, you will keep your dreams in line with God’s will. And God can do anything.

The Failure of Dreams

Sure, you may see some of your dreams fail. Sometimes, a huge kingdom undertaking seems to wither and die. The dreams dissipate like the smoke of a blown-out candle, leaving nothing but an acrid odor.

What do you do then?

You pray. You obey. You learn. And you get back up and dream again. God hasn’t failed. You haven’t failed. You’ve just learned a lesson. Now, take your lesson and dream big again. Don’t let a failed dream keep you from faith in an infinite God. We may not know why He chooses to do the things He does, but we can maintain a radical faith in His power and love.

Never give up on your dreams. Run back to Scripture, and stare this statement in the face:   I can do all things through him who strengthens me. That’s not just a chorus to sing. It’s not just a verse to memorize. It’s not merely a platitude to recite.

It’s rock-solid truth. Grab that verse and cling to it. Hold it up to God in faith, and declare your dreams.

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