Sharefaith has just released its most powerful weapon yet — a church website powerhouse we call “Sidekick.” This wizardry web innovation is going to change the way you work on your church website. Sidekick is nothing but raw, technological, ahead-of-its-time, genius-infused website blessing. Let’s see what it can do.

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First off, what is Sidekick anyway?

We’re so glad you asked. Sidekick is kind of like its name suggests — a nifty sidebar that sits on the left hand side of your church website editor to guide you as you go. It’s called sidekick, because…well, it’s on the side, and because it’s going to give your website a kickstart.

Okay, so what does Sidekick do?

A more appropriate question is to ask “what does Sidekick not do?” Sidekick helps you edit your website in a way that is powerful, instant, innovative, and easy. For example…

  • Watch changes happen on your church website the instant you make them.
  • Find out what your website will look like in different themes. Easily switch back and forth to find the best one for your church website.
  • Instantly add or update your church logo just by clicking on it.
  • Instantly add a new menu, page, subpage or blog post. Total simplicity.
  • Realtime, drag and drop rearrangement of menus, links, pages and subpages
  • Realtime adding or drag and drop rearrangement of rotating banners
  • Instantly edit or add any text or media content.
  • Advanced built-in Sidekick graphics editor
  • Edit or design any banner by clicking on it.
  • Maintain access to advance admin features if desired.

We dubbed our new tool the “website editor for humans.” Basically, this is a tool that speaks your language, does what you want it to do, and does it better and faster than any other way. Simply put, it cuts through computer gibberish and unintelligible code to make your website better…and it makes your job as mere mortal even easier.

I want it. No, wait. I NEED it.

The most common human response after checking out the the website editor for humans is deep, visceral, and thoroughly understandable. You want this thing. We get it. We understand.

Here’s the good news. If you’re a Sharefaith church website user, it’s already yours…free. All you do is log into your Sharefaith church website, and the update will automatically install. Click on your site title at the top to preview, and boom! You’re rocking Sidekick.

If you feel kind of cold and lonely because you don’t have a Sharefaith website editor, we understand, too. Thankfully, there’s also good news. Sharefaith websites are free with a Sharefaith membership. Hosting, of course, costs a wee bit each month or year.

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