If your church celebrates a Christmas service, you can make use of these 10 points to achieve the best Christmas celebration you have ever had.

1. Plan Well: Most churches have already started preparations and planning for their upcoming Christmas service.  Assign key people that can help you manage, multitask and take the project from conception to completion. Make sure to cover all areas and keep all involved parties informed at all times.  Make sure to advertise your event well ahead of time through your website, Facebook and flyers.

2. Focus on Christ: It’s so easy to get sidetracked by pretty stage decor. Keep this celebration pointing to Jesus Christ as Savior and King.  Have every event, song or scripture point to Jesus alone!

3. Bring a Salvation Message: Never forget that your calling is to share the Good News.  Make use of every opportunity and, especially, your Christmas service, to do just that! Bring hope to people by pointing to the only true source of Hope, Jesus Christ!

4. Include all ages of the church-family.  Get away from having your worship team be the performers of the evening. Instead, assign small events to each ministry department and have them all contribute to your overall Christmas program.

5. Show favoritism to visitors:  Assign a special VIP section in the middle of the church just for visitors. That will make them feel extra special and prevent your usual members from taking the best seats in the house!

6. Use Multimedia:  Include all the senses. Use videos, video loops, worship backgrounds and PowerPoints. Pull out all the stops to create a spiritually filled visual experience.

7. Take up a special offering:  Choose a mission organization or charity and donate your entire Christmas offering to them.

8. Award the clean-up crew:  It’s one thing to prepare; it’s another to clean up. A few folks will have to come back on Christmas day to clean up. Don’t all-of-a-sudden disappear! Help! Also take them out for a special lunch to thank them for their service.

9. Invite others for Christmas dinner:  Urge your church members to step out of their comfort zone and invite one or two extra people to their Christmas dinner or lunch.

10. Prayerfully consider it all: Once you have your plan in place, bring it before the Lord. Ask for his guidance and input and then proceed as he leads!

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