Your Sharefaith church website comes with a state of the art blog, but what’s the point of blogging if only your wife and kids read it? You have within your hands a powerful tool that gives you the ability to spread your gospel message to anyone who has an Internet connection! Think about how much Paul, Peter, or Luke would have wanted such a powerful tool!

It’s All about Your Content

As a pastor, you provide wisdom and insight from God’s Word to all who are willing to listen. There is such a need for hope, deliverance, and grace. You can start writing blog posts that will help to bring those qualities to the seeking heart.

Choose carefully what you blog about. Pick a topic or a list of topics that are popular discussion points among friends, Christians, and churchgoers. Read some helpful resources, and write an insightful piece — not a lengthy thesis — on that topic.

It’s All about Your Writing Style

Maintain a good writing style, using an introductory summary, beginning, middle, and conclusion. Use Scripture throughout. Keep it simple and short, yet authoritative. Make sure to drive your point home, so the reader goes away feeling that their question was answered.

Be Controversial!

You don’t want to do it for the sake of getting attention, but don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Stand by your convictions, and speak the truth! Make sure your truth aligns with the Bible!

Choose a Great SEO-friendly Title

Your blog is based on the WordPress technology. Google loves WordPress. The key to getting your blog post read by millions is to use keywords in your title — words that people would actually search for in search engines. For example, a title like “Does Hell Really Exist? Biblical Evidence That Proves Hell Is Real” will be a sure hit. People searching for “does hell exist?” or “is hell real?” or “why is there a hell?” will be likely find your blog post at the top of the search result pages

Allow Comments

The more people who read your great insightful article, the more comments there will be. Expect both positive and extremely negative comments. Expect to moderate the comments to avoid the offensive language that some may leave. The more interaction on your blog post, the higher it will begin to rank.

Choose a good theme and a great keyword-friendly title. Write a brief but thorough and informative article that makes a clear point. You’ll use your pastoral gift in a way you never imagined was possible!