Sharefaith’s highly recommended church worship software plugin, ExaltNow just got better. ExaltNow version 1.5 released just yesterday, delivering a fresh dose of media power and cost-savings for thousands of other churches around the world.

ExaltNow 1.5 for PC unleashes the best of worship presentation software right within PowerPoint. The new version is free to all existing ExaltNow users, and costs only $99.99 for all new users. Check out what’s new in this revolutionary new PowerPoint plugin.

New Features in ExaltNow 1.5

  • Instant Countdown Timers: That’s right. You can create your own awesome countdown timers. Customize your slide background, font, style, and instantly have a countdown timer for any occasion. Impressive!
  • Worship Song Builder: Drag-and-drop song building is simple. Create a worship service with song order, stanzas, and presentation exactly the way you want it…quick and simple!
  • Virtual Slide Navigator: Jump to any slide at any time during a live church service without the audience even knowing it. This gives you the ability to adapt quickly, on the fly, and change things around. No one will be the wiser.
  • Advanced Customization:  ExaltNow can work and function exactly the way you want, providing tons of customization options.
  • Largest Worship Database:  ExaltNow is integrated with your CCLI account (SongSelect customers). You can instantly grab lyrics, and click them right into your presentation. It’s lightning fast power.
  • Background Video Galore: As usual, ExaltNow’s impressive video ability is still impressive.
  • Instant Updating: No more inconvenient installing process. The plugin updates itself automatically as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

How to Get the New Version of ExaltNow

If you’re already an ExaltNow user, you can just log in to your ExaltNow account and go to the download section.

If you’re not yet using ExaltNow, you must click on the “Buy ExaltNow” button and make your purchase. Afterwards, you’ll have access to the download section and all the jaw-dropping power that this church worship software provides.

Pricing and Bundles

ExaltNow 1.5 for PC comes with 3 licenses and costs only $99.99 or $149.99 for 10 licenses (best value).

About The Author

Daniel Threlfall has been writing church ministry articles for more than 10 years. With his background and training (M.A., M.Div.), Daniel is passionate about inspiring pastors and volunteers in their service to the King. Daniel is devoted to his family, nerdy about SEO, and drinks coffee with no cream or sugar. Learn more about Daniel at his blog and twitter.

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