Thanksgiving is coming up, and already churches are planning for their Thanksgiving services. Whether it’s a harvest rally, fall picnic, trunk-or-treat, or just a good ol’ time, churches are all about the fall season. We at Sharefaith are, too. Here are some tips for your Thanksgiving media, a few Thanksgiving service ideas, that will help you have the most amazing Thanksgiving service yet.

How to Have an Amazing Thanksgiving Church Service: Four Tips for Success

Tip 1:  Pull out all the stops with Thanksgiving media.

If your’e a Sharefaith member, you don’t have to limit your media due to budget considerations. You already have an entire library of fall media and Thanksgiving media from which to choose. Use lots of it — Thanksgiving PowerPoints, fall worship backgrounds, harvest bulletins, fall flyers, Thanksgiving videos. It’s all there for your use. Here are a few links to get you started:

Tip 2:  Feature a mini sermon video for Thanksgiving.

Videos can add a lot to a service. Strategically employ one of these videos in your service. You may be surprised at the positive impact it can have. Church videos provide variety, and a short-burst of creative power to enliven a Thanksgiving service. Because many church videos are brief, they don’t take much time, but they do offer a lot of impact.

Tip 3:  Spend some time sprucing up your Thanksgiving church bulletin.

Whether or not your church is used to using church bulletins, Thanksgiving is a great time to do so. By using a Thanksgiving church bulletin template, you can match the day’s decor and provide a helpful guide to the service or other events.

Tip 4:  Pick a theme for your Thanksgiving service.

Sure, thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, but hone in on a unique them to make the celebration even more focused and meaningful. Here are some ideas:

Thanking God through Daily Prayer. Emphasize the importance of thanking God for something every day, even writing it down to make it memorable.

Being Thankful for Our Challenges. We all face hard times. These are opportunities to thank God, too.

Thanking God for His Attributes. Focus on God’s amazing character, and thank him for who he is.

Most importantly, enjoy the season with gratitude towards God. Thanksgiving comes once a year. Many churches celebrate the joy and excitement of the Thanksgiving season long after it has passed. With some creative thinking and adequate preparation, you can have an amazing Thanksgiving service.