Let’s answer a simple question, “How much does a professional church website cost?” Like just about anything, the answer is going to vary. In this article, we’ll explain the price range of church websites, why there is such a broad price range, and then we’ll answer a crucial question — how much should a church website cost?

How much does a church website cost?

Church websites can range from $0 – $50,000, and may even go higher. Pretty broad range, huh? So, how much does the average church website cost? In our research, we learned that the average cost of a church website is $3,000.

When you think of church websites, though, don’t simply think in terms of one lump sump. A website must be hosted and maintained, meaning that you’ll likely be paying for the church websites as along as you have the church website:

Tip:  Budget for your church website, and make sure you have a monthly or annual allocation for maintaining it. 

Why the broad range of website prices?

It all depends on what you want. Some churches demand a custom site with all the bells and whistles. In other words, they consult with a boutique web design firm, and purchase a website with custom graphics, maybe an on-site photography shoot, a branding process, integration with church CMS, an in-depth database…stuff like that. The consulting firm will easily bill the church in the tens of thousands of dollars. It adds up quickly.

On the lower end of the price spectrum are churches who choose one of the many low-cost or free website building solutions. Custom is nice, but costly. Building from scratch is fine, but you’ll need to find someone with the time and skill to do all the coding. Free is always a blessing, but many times the “free” church websites are stacked with hidden fees, or atrocious and unbearable to work with.

It’s cliche, but true:  you get what you pay for.

Sort of…

Tip:  Know exactly what you want in a church website, and explore all your options. (E.g., easy to update, sermon podcasting, good graphics, etc.) 

How much should a church website cost? 

Now, it’s time to answer the final question. How much should a church website cost? Again, there is no one right answer for every church. Once you’ve decided on your budget, and what you want, it’s time to center in on a product at the right price.

The church websites from Sharefaith have hit this sweet spot — a place where excellent functionality meets affordable price. For less than ten percent of the average church website cost, you can have a powerful church website to call your own. Here is a church website that comes with a complete range of features — none of which will cost a penny more.

If you’re interested in the power of a megachurch website at a price you can afford, consider Sharefaith church websites.

Tip:  Get a Sharefaith church website for maximum potential at a minimum price. 

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