There are a ton of decisions to make when building a church website. Perhaps the most important decision you will make is this:  selecting a website builder. Here, we’ll walk you through some key factors in making this decision.

What is a church website builder?

First off, let’s figure out what we mean by “website builder” or “church website builder.” Basically, a website builder is what allows you to make a great church website without having to design it from scratch (code). You may have heard of programs like DreamWeaver or Frontpage. These are software programs that allow you to design web pages. Example of online-based website builders are Weebly and Blogspot.

What Should I look for?

  • Look for something that is web-based. Don’t download software to create a website. It’s far simpler, more accessible and powerful to use web-based builders.
  • Look for something that allows you to customize, use plugins, and grow. Don’t let your website builder limit you. Give your church website room to grow by using a website builder where the sky’s the limit.
  • Look for something that is simple, user-friendly, and easy to update. The last thing you want is a church website that you can’t easily update. The whole website building experience, from early design to regularly updating, should be simple.
  • Look for something that lots of people can use and have access to. You don’t want a website builder that only one guy can update. You need something that allows for collaboration across a broad group of people using a wide variety of devices.
  • Look for something that has great looking predesigned website templates. Finally, you need something that uses a template — a predesigned website that you can fill in with your own content. Ideally, this template would be suitable for creating a church website.

So, what should I use?

Finding something that fits all these criteria may sound like a fool’s errand — or at least something that’s going to take a lot of time. Thankfully, we’ve simplified the task for you a ton.

The best website builder for churches is Sharefaith’s collection of WordPress-based church websites. WordPress, a powerful web platform, is customized with Sharefaith’s innovative web solution, giving you an unsurpassed, affordable church website builder.

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